In Indonesia, many households get their water from underground well water. And it's used as it is, unfiltered. This well water contains iron and muddy elements. When people take showers, the water can smell bad and feel oily.

But the Panasonic Central Water Purifier transforms muddy well water into clean water. It adds a special chlorine into well water that is muddy and high in iron, which makes the dissolved iron precipitate out. Special filters can efficiently remove the precipitated iron and muddy elements, reducing both by over 95%.

Easy maintenance is another advantage. All users need to do is to refill the special chlorine tablets when needed and turn the lever to discharge the contaminants removed by the filters. There is no need to call for professional maintenance.

People are happy with the Panasonic Central Water Purifier and comment that "Our white clothes look so much cleaner and brighter. Clothes that had turned yellow became so bright." "What I noticed especially was that when I take shower the water feels so good, because it is a lot fresher. Before, the water might have contained oil and felt too oily, so I would only take a shower in the morning. Now the water is so clean, so I take showers in the evening as well."

Clean water is an essential resource for life. It nourishes the body and improves quality of life. Panasonic strives to improve the lives of people by providing clean water.

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