We breathe in 18 kg of air each day. This is 60% of the substances we consume daily, far more than food or water. Given this, air is quite important in order to lead a healthy life.

If the room is not well ventilated, dust and smells from cooking, etc. will accumulate, and the humidity trapped within will become a hotbed for mold and bacteria.

The Panasonic Group and the MKH Group in Malaysia have formed a joint venture to develop service apartments called "MIRAI" equipped with solutions that improve indoor air quality.

The filtering ventilation system removes harmful substances like PM2.5 in the outside air are removed using a precision filter. Clean air can be directed in and stale air directed out.

The energy recovery ventilator (ERV) heat exchange system can help save energy by adjusting the temperature of the outside air before it enters the room.

And the air conditioning is equipped with Panasonic's proprietary nanoe™ technology, which inhibits various pollutants in the air such as odors, viruses, and airborne particles like PM2.5.
*nanoe™ has an inhibitory effect on viruses, but this does not guarantee protection against infection.

Panasonic will continue to improve the quality of air, which is ever so important to people's health.

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