Oct 13, 2015

Press Release

Panasonic Establishes Ventilation Fan Production Base in Mexico to Strengthen the North American Market

Panasonic Ecology Systems will establish ventilation fan production base in Tijuana,Mexico to manufacture ceiling mounted ventilation fans for North American market.

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd. will establish ventilation fan production base in Panasonic AVC Networks Company Baja California (PAVCBC), a factory of Panasonic AVC Networks Company America (PAVCA), a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America in Tijuana, Mexico to manufacture ceiling mounted ventilation fans for the North American market, and thereby strengthen the company's North American ventilation fan business.

Panasonic sells highly regarded indoor air quality (IAQ) products, including ventilation fans and air purifiers, to global markets. Currently, the company's China-based factory is manufacturing IAQ products for the North American, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and European markets. Panasonic provides energy-efficient IAQ products to improve indoor air quality including Energy Star1 certified ventilation fans in the North American market and highly acclaimed air purifiers2 in the Chinese market.

Aiming toward further expansion of the North American ventilation fan business, Panasonic will establish a ceiling mounted ventilation fan production base in Mexico, on the site of PAVCBC's television factory. Shorter lead times and higher cost competitiveness are expected compared to the current production base in China. In October 2016, the new base will start production mainly of ceiling mounted ventilation fans for the US and Canadian markets. A total of 1.3 million units will be shipped annually by 2018.

"With the establishment of this factory, Panasonic aims to enhance sales of ventilation fans in the North American market to be increased from approximately 1 million units in fiscal 2014 to 1.5 million in 2018", said Kiyoshi Maeda, President of Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.
Panasonic will continue to contribute to the creation of healthy and comfortable indoor spaces by offering energy-efficient IAQ products to global markets.

[Overview of the new production base]

Location: Panasonic AVC Networks Company Baja California2do Eje Ote. Pte. #19400 Ciudad Industrial C.P. 22444 Tijuana B.C. Mexico
Total floor area: 86,721 m² (two-story building)
Production items: Ceiling mounted ventilation fans
Start of production: October 2016
Production plan: 250,000 units in fiscal 2016 and 1.3 million units in fiscal 2018
Destination markets: North America

1. The Energy Star program has been promoted since 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency of the US, aiming to increase energy efficiency of equipment and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. The Energy Star certification is granted to products that meet the specified energy efficiency criteria, which are labeled "Energy Star." Currently, over 20,000 organizations participate in this program.
2. Panasonic's air purifiers sold in the Chinese market were highly acclaimed by the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee and received the 2012 Indoor Environmental Protection Industry Top 10 News Award and the 2012 China Indoor Environmental Protection Industry New Recommended Product Award.

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