Nov 09, 2012

Press Release

Panasonic Ecology Systems Reports on the Progress in its 'eco ideas' Declaration Initiative

Panasonic Ecology Systems will release reports on its progress on its website annually as it strives to meet the environmental targets outlined in the declaration by 2018.

Kasugai, Aichi Pref., Japan - Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd., a Panasonic group company, today announced that it will release reports on the progress on the implementation of its initiatives to achieve the targets of the 'eco ideas' Declaration, issued on November 9, 2011 on its website from November 15, 2012.
The `eco ideas' Declaration expresses the company's commitment to realizing an 'environment that is friendly to people and the Earth' from Kasugai in the fields of indoor air quality and environmental engineering. The company declared its intention to achieve the targets in each field by 2018 through environmental contributions combined with business growth.

The status and degree of achievement of initiatives for each target will be reported annually on the website. The company will continue to work on achieving the targets of the Declaration through environmental activities with the aim of realizing an 'environment that is friendly to people and the Earth.'

Outline of the 'eco ideas' Declaration (issued on November 9, 2011)
Panasonic Ecology Systems Group will realize an 'environment that is friendly to people and the Earth' from Kasugai in the fields of indoor air quality and environmental engineering.

1. 'eco ideas' for Lifestyles

  • Create leading innovative IAQ products to contribute to achieving a healthy and comfortable space, combined with reduced CO2 emissions (Contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions: 2.2 million tons)
  • Advanced environmental engineering solutions and services to contribute to reducing the impact on the environment

2. 'eco ideas' for Business-styles

  • World-leading energy-saving and zero-emissions factories (Contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions: 30,000 tons Recycled resource utilization rate: 16%)
  • Environmental conservation and reduction of environmental impact together with the people of Kasugai

Initiative progress
The major initiatives and achievements are shown below.

  Item Descriptions
'eco ideas' for Lifestyles Contribution to reducing CO2 emissions through products Expand range of Superior GP (Green Products)*1 models to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of products.
  • FY2011: 8 models certified
  • FY2012: 14 models under review (7 models certified)
Global promotion of environmental engineering business Established Panasonic Eco Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., which is contributing to reducing the impact on the environment by supporting factory establishment and operations of companies that will expand their businesses in Malaysia.
'eco ideas' for Business-styles Contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in production activities Implement various initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions in production activities. The following initiatives led to a reduction of 11,830 tons vs. FY2005 in FY2011, and are making steady progress in FY2012.
  • Measures against heat loss from paint drying furnaces (158 t-CO2/year)
  • Replacement of small once-through boilers (76 t-CO2/year)
  • Extension of the free cooling period (57 t-CO2/year), etc.
Resource recycling Achieved a recycled resource utilization ratio of 14.9% in FY2011.
  • Introduction of runner (resin scrap) recycling equipment
  • Introduction of equipment for collecting and reusing metallic powder coating
Co-existence with the local community
  • Reopened the factory tour for elementary schools for the first time in ten years, and accepted three schools.
  • Environmental education (Education at elementary schools, parent-and-child environmental studies, etc.)
  • Participation in tree planting activities, community cleanup activities, etc.

*Details will be released on the company's website

*1:Panasonic uses a product assessment system that evaluates the environmental impacts of its products and services starting at the planning and design stages. Based on the criteria, the company accredits its products and services that achieve high environmental performance as Green Products (GPs).

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