Panasonic India Unveils New Air Conditioners and Washing Machines that Address Local Needs

Feb 13, 2017

Gurgaon, India - Panasonic India (PI) launched its new air conditioners and washing machines for the Indian market on January 20, 2017. The launch took place during a dealer meeting, approximately 220 dealers from 180 companies across India participated in the event that followed with the factory tour.

At the kick-off event, Manish Sharma, President of Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd., participated along with Takuma Sawada, head of the Air Conditioning Center, Panasonic Appliances Company. Sharma explained Panasonic's extensive business domains and case examples from other countries as well as the importance of the commercial business in India.

Kick-off meeting

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    Manish Sharma's speech

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    Takuma Sawada's speech

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    Product introduction

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    New air conditioners on display

Dealers taking part in a visit to the air conditioner and washing machine factory of the Appliances Company, commented on Panasonic's "strong commitment to high quality," and that "We feel confident in selling Panasonic products to our customers."

PI will continue to develop products that meet the country's needs and determinedly expand its market reach and market share.

Jhajjar factory

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    Jhajjar factory

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    New washing machines on showcase

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    Product introduction

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    Factory inspection

New products introduced

Air conditioner "Sky" series

This is a series of air conditioners well received in Southeast Asia with air outlets on the top of the unit. In India, the majority of air conditioners blow air directly onto you, but this series proposes a new value, to cool the entire room by directing cold air along the walls and ceilings. Moreover, air pollution is becoming an increasingly serious issue in India, so this series is also equipped with air purification capabilities.

Washing machine "FOAM PREMIA" series

To respond to local needs for better washing performance, this series is equipped with the "STAIN MASTER" washing program, which removes stains , such as curry and oil stains. The series also adopts the global model design, which makes it significantly easier to take laundry out of the machine.

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