DIVE into World Heritage 3D

Dec 27, 2011

A super wide landscape is created with 5 large screen plasma displays placed in embracing positions. What world lies beyond when you watch 3D images on this gigantic display system? "DIVE into World Heritage 3D" has brought to life a magnificent world of majestic images.

  • Panoramic 3D Footage of World Heritage Sites Showcased at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Panasonic has signed a strategic partnership agreement with UNESCO World Heritage Centre to promote the conservation of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the environmental education for the children of the next generation. Panasonic developed this display system using its cutting-edge 3D technology to help communicate the wonder of the UNESCO World Heritage sites to people who may not be able to go see it with their own eyes and the importance of protecting the unique legacy.

This system has been set up at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris, Panasonic Centers in Tokyo and Osaka, and will also be set up at exhibitions to be held in various parts of the world.

Don't you wonder how such beautiful, panoramic 3D images were shot? When you look at the crystal clear image quality of each display, it's apparent that they didn't shoot the images with one camera and stretched it wide to fit the 5 screens.

This video, "DIVE into World Heritage 3D - Behind the Scenes" documents how the images were shot at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park (both in the US), the Stonehenge (in the UK), and more using 5 3D cameras affixed to a special place in a fanned-out position. Panasonic was the first to introduce the integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder to the world (a 3D camera with 2 lenses integrated into a single body). The making-of scenes using the unique performance of the 3D cameras to the utmost is a must-see.

Please take a look at the shooting crew working diligently to create wonderful footage, which will help capture the magnificence of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and the importance of protecting them.

  • Behind the Scenes - DIVE into World Heritage 3D -

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