Project Your "Ideas for the New Year" on a Famous Brazilian Landmark

Dec 23, 2011

Panasonic will hold a very special year-end event at Copacabana in Brazil, one of the most famous beaches in the world.

The laser-show event titled "Ideias para o ano novo", in English "Ideas for the new year." is to project Panasonic fans wishes for 2012 into a famous hill in Rio de Janeiro Beach, and broadcast live to the world.

  • 00_2011_1223_Brazil.jpg
    To Project Panasonic fans Wishes for 2012

It will be a great opportunity for Panasonic fans to make them think about their New Year resolution, and deliver their own message to the world. How memorable experience, don't you think so???

How to project your ideas for 2012 and broadcast to the world

Panasonic will release the special micro-site for this event to receive the participation. To invite Panasonic fans from all over the world, we have prepared 4 versions of the micro-site in different languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese!!

1. If you want to project your ideas for 2012, access to this micro-site, and post your ideas into this post box. You can also post through Twitter and Facebook.

2. On December, 27th, the selected 200 ideas sent by the customers from all over the world will be projected.

- English
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- Japanese

The event will be broadcasted live via Panasonic Brazil website and micro-site, Facebook Page and by Terra (the largest news portal in Latin America) from 23:00, December 27th (GMT). It will begin with a countdown and the Sara Brightman's Panasonic song "Shall be Done".

So let's post your "Ideas for the new year." and don't miss it will be projected in Rio de Janeiro via live broadcast!!

  • 03_2011_1223_Brazil.jpg
    Scenery Image of Rio de Janeiro

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