Panasonic Launches Appliances Made with Recycled Resources

Dec 14, 2011

Panasonic will launch a new line of environmentally-conscious appliances that are made with recycled resources in Japan on February 20, 2012. The new recycled source series of products includes a refrigerator, a rice cooker, a washer/dryer and a vacuum cleaner, which incorporate recycled resin and vacuum insulation made from recycled glass.

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    News Appliances Made with Recycled Resources
    (From Left) Refrigerator NR-F506T-X, Rice Cooker SR-SX101-X, Washer/dryer NA-VX7100-X and Vacuum Cleaner MS-SS310GX-X

Panasonic has been implementing initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and increasing use of recycled resources in its manufacturing processes. As people have become more aware of the need to reduce environmental impacts, more consumers consider recycled content as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, according to a survey conducted by Panasonic.

The new appliances, the NR-F506T-X refrigerator with a top-mount compressor, SR-SX101-X induction-heating rice cooker, NA-VX7100-X drum-type washer/dryer, and MS-SS310GX-X cyclone vacuum cleaner, contain resin recovered from used products, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and TVs at Panasonic's recycling facilities.

Expanding Usage of Recycled Resin


The refrigerator's glass wool insulation is made with approximately 90% recycled glass from used CRT TVs, using Panasonic's unique recycling technology.

How Waste CRT Tubes are Recycled to Vacuum Insulation Material


The new appliances are equipped with Eco Navi which is the latest feature in Panasonic electronics and home appliances, using intelligent sensors to make daily life routine more comfortable and eco friendly. The Eco Navi equipped appliances adapt themselves to each person's lifestyle and usage to provide ecological operation. Eco Navi conveniently optimizes appliances performance while greatly reducing wasted electricity and water consumption.

Combined with the Eco Navi feature, the new products will meet the demand of consumers who want to reduce environmental footprint in their everyday life. To inspire environmental conservation, an earth-tone color is uniformly used for the new line. "Earth beige" is used on the exterior, with matching colors used for the control panels of all products.

Panasonic has spearheaded the launch of products made with recycled resources, as it continues to expand efforts aimed at becoming the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry.

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