Panasonic and Sandals Resorts unveil 'Eco Village' in Jamaica

Dec 20, 2011
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    Jamaica's first Eco Village at Sandals Montego Bay

Panasonic in Latin America set an example of Panasonic's total energy solutions concept being put into practice in the hospitality sector, as the company and Sandals Resorts International unveiled Jamaica's first Eco Village resort on November 18, 2011.

The Jamaica-based leading luxury hotel chain operates more than 20 resorts in the Caribbean, and the flagship Sandals Montego Bay now offers green accommodations at two Presidential Suites in Cottage 5 that are designed to provide guests with a relaxing and comfortable space while reducing their carbon footprint.

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    HIT solar panels atop the cottage roof are installed at an 18 degree pitch to maximize solar production.
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    Cottage 5 houses two Presidential Suites designed to reduce carbon footprint while providing comfort to the guests.
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Each room has a touch-screen panel allowing the guests to easily control lighting, fans and air conditioners.

The cottage has 98 units of HIT solar panels atop the roof that provide enough power to operate electric appliances in the suites. The panels are also connected to the resort's electrical grid, allowing any extra energy generated to be utilized at the resort's other facilities. Guests of the suites will find Panasonic's energy-efficient equipment, including inverter air conditioners, LED lights and flat-panel TV sets, in the room. The guests can operate the equipment using a touch-screen controller on the bedside table or a mobile device such as tablet PCs and smartphones.

Let's hear what the main members of this collaboration have to say...

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    (L to R) Mr. Hiroki Kaji, President of Panasonic Latin America, Ms. Evelyn Smith, President of Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, Mr. Adam Steward, CEO of Sandals Resorts International, and Mr. Roy Kobayakawa, Associate Director, Corporate Division for Promoting Systems & Equipment Business, Panasonic Corp.

The installation of the Panasonic's air conditioner inverter technology will represent a 65% energy saving, while LED lighting would save up to 90% of electricity, Panasonic Latin America S.A. (Panalat) President Hiroki Kaji explained. The Eco Village is equipped with the Green Room Controller system that visualizes energy use in the suites, allowing the hotel to monitor energy consumption and control the in-room equipment with a central personal computer, Kaji also explains.

"We can make a difference in tourism," said Sandals Resorts CEO Adam Stewart. "Sandals Resorts International is the first resort brand to utilize Panasonic's energy-saving technology to fully operate accommodations, further establishing the brand as an innovator in environmentally sustainable hospitality."

PANALAT and Sandals Resorts have been working closely to develop environmentally friendly accommodations. The Eco Village at Sandals Montego Bay marks the first product of their efforts. Sandals Resorts plans to equip other accommodations at Sandals Montego Bay and its sister properties with similar state-of-the-art eco-innovative features in partnership with Panasonic.

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