Panasonic LED Bulb Wins Gold Award at Good Design Award 2011

Nov 16, 2011

Panasonic's latest LED light bulb (LDAHV4L27CG) won the 2011 Good Design Gold Award (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Prize) at this year's Good Design Award show hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The honor is bestowed on products demonstrating a high quality of design that has contributed to the solution of contemporary issues.

This LED light bulb is notable for its use of clear glass, while its LED light source resembles a filament that can effectively disperse light in all directions. It offers both a rated lifespan of 40,000 hours and excellent energy-saving performance. The combination of such characteristics led to such recognition at the Good Design Awards.

[Key points] (From judging panel's remarks)

  • With the world now looking to replace its light bulbs with LED bulbs, this product combines brightness with energy saving and a filament-like light source.
  • Unlike a normal LED light; offers a warm glow to suit the needs people's everyday lives. Panasonic's consideration for its customers' psychological needs is clear.

Meanwhile, the company's MJ-M31 Series juicer/blender products have also been chosen for a Good Design Long Life Design Award (METI Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director's Prize), which are presented to designs that consumers have been able to love and enjoy for many years.

[Design features]

    In addition to strong basic performance and safety levels, this product has been loved for many years for its simple form, transparent texture, and colorful design. It has become a standard for the juicer/blender industry.

As Company with Most Individual Awards

This year, the Panasonic Group as a whole achieved a total of 84 Good Design Awards, including the one Gold Award and one Long Life Design Award mentioned above. This made it the company with the most individual awards at the show, and a special certificate was presented in light of this achievement.

What is Good Design Award?
Originally established by the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957 as the Good Design Selection System (known as the G-Mark System), the Good Design Award system was relaunched under its current name by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization in 1998. Its organization was taken over by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion in 2011. This year saw a total of 3,162 nominees, with 1,112 Good Design Awards ultimately presented.

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