Panasonic to Contribute to the "Green House Project" in Mexico with its Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Oct 21, 2011

On October 17th in Mexico, Panasonic announced that it will join the "Green House Project," which aims to contribute to reducing the effect of green house gases and to saving-energy in Mexico. Panasonic will supply its cutting edge eco technologies, such as solar panels and energy saving devices to this project.

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    The President of Panasonic Mexico, Mr. Tokuda Explained about Panasonic's Comprehensive Energy Solution

About the Green House Project
The Green House Project is a demonstration experiment launched on October 1st, 2011, which assesses the energy savings and the effects on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This project received financing of $460 thousand from the Japanese government's Ministry of the Environment to build a bilateral mechanism for greenhouse gas emissions trading between Mexico and Japan (Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism).
The partners of the Green House Project will lay out plans to carry out their responsibilities for materializing the concept described below.

  • JRI (Japan Research Institute)and SMBC will conduct research and surveys for building this bilateral mechanism.
  • Panasonic will offer its comprehensive energy solutions.
  • MGM Innova will implement and monitor actions for enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Micro Carbon Development Fund will propose financing solutions for large-scale development

Panasonic "MARUGOTO," a comprehensive solutions for energy and environmental issues

The awareness among the Japanese public for energy efficiency has heightened after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March. And there is greater impetus behind development and adoption of "eco" technologies.
Although being "ecological" is sometimes interpreted as having to compromise quality of life, Panasonic suggests quite the opposite. Panasonic will realize a comfortable, ecological, and sustainable lifestyle and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with its cutting-edge eco technologies.

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Panasonic eco technologies contribute to create and save energy in the "Green House Project".

For this project, Panasonic has supplied its cutting-edge, high-quality eco technologies to create and save energy. Fourteen highly efficient solar panels, 3 inverter units for air conditioners, a single inverter refrigerator unit, 2 units of LCD TV 32 CFL lamps and the like.
(Note: The "inverter" technology allows accurate and continuous control of an air conditioner's cooling capacity.)
The "Green House Project" helps realize a green lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and by introducing energy-efficient devices, which aim to save more than 50% more energy in comparison to previous products.

Mexicali to the World

"I would like to express our gratitude to the Japanese government and Panasonic for taking on this project. In this region, many residents have suffered from expensive electricity costs during the summer. We highly appreciate Panasonic's activity, which was in concordance with the government's strategy to help make its citizens' lives better. The energy efficiency proven by this project will provide evidence of the return on investment to people with general incomes, and there is possibility enough for such energy solutions to become widespread. We very much like the keyword, "Marugoto," used to refer to Panasonic's "comprehensive" energy solutions. We would like to make this word, "Marugoto," a very popular word, just like "Sushi" and "Karaoke," among the Mexican public." said Mr. Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, the Governor of Baja California.

For this pioneering project, the same kind of cooperation is expected with each government and energy-saving public organizations. Through the implementation of similar or larger scale projects, it will be possible to contribute to reinforcing actions that promote the use of renewable energy and help energy conservation in the residential sector of Mexico.

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