The Life Innovation Container with "Light Message for Peace" Event

Oct 15, 2011

This year marks 150 years of German-Japanese friendship. In celebration, a lighting event communicating hope for world peace was held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. Panasonic's "Life Innovation Container" helped supply electricity.

The Brandenburg Gate is a historical monument that represents Berlin. When the Berlin Wall collapsed, many people gathered at the Gate to celebrate the unification of East and West Germany, so it has become a symbol of peace.

The Life Innovation Container helped supply energy for the "Light Message for Peace" event

This event illuminated the word, "peace," in various different languages to communicate a strong desire for peace to people across the world. The event was planned and produced by lighting designers Ms. Motoko Ishii and her daughter, Ms. Akari Lisa Ishii. The two have produced lighting events in Paris and Rome. Panasonic has also sponsored these events.

  • 02_brandenburg_ceremony.jpg
    Ms Motoko Ishii (Left End), Lighting Designer, at the Lighting Ceremony

"We wanted to do something that reflected Germany and Japan's histories, something that was appropriate to the unique histories, and express this using light. That is when we decided to create something around Berlin and Germany's symbolic monument, the Brandenburg Gate", they said. And the reason why they thought of using natural energy for the event was "The devastating natural disaster of March 11, significantly changed the way people in Japan and Germany think about natural energy. We wanted to also start using natural energy, especially because we use energy to create our events. So that is why we asked Panasonic if we could use their Life Innovation Container for this Brandenburg Gate event" they told.

To respond to Ms Ishii's request, Panasonic shipped the Life Innovation Container from Japan. It was transported to the Brandenburg Gate the morning of the day before the event.

The Role of "Life Innovation Container"

  • 01_brandenburg_container.jpg
    Life Innovation Container Painted a Special Color to Blend into the Landscape around the Brandenburg Gate

The 20-ft container is equipped with solar panels and storage batteries, which enables it to supply electricity created from natural resources. It was developed to independently provide electricity to areas without power supply or areas afflicted by natural disasters.

At this event, the Container supplied electricity to illuminate the goddess statue on top of the gate. The Container was painted a special color because it was set up near such a historical monument. The "Light Message for Peace" event illuminated a desire for world peace against Berlin's night sky. Panasonic's "Life Innovation Container," which supplies electricity created from natural energy, contributed to the event's success.

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