Panasonic Offers its Unique Total Smart Lifestyles at CEATEC JAPAN 2011

Oct 06, 2011
    Total Smart Lifestyles by Panasonic at CEATEC

CEATEC JAPAN 2011, Asia's largest cutting-edge IT and electronics trade show being held at Makuhari Messe over five days, opened on October 4, 2011. The opening day included a keynote speech from Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo in his position as chairman for the Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ). This year Panasonic is exhibiting under the theme of "Total Smart Lifestyles by Panasonic" and has capitalized on the collective strength of the Group to present its unique ideas for lifestyles that bring greater sustainability, safety, security, comfort, and enjoyment, from the standpoint of the user.

Panasonic's booth is divided into five zones which are Total Smart Lifestyle for the Home; Total Smart Lifestyles for Towns; EV System Solutions; Smart AV Networks; and Full HD 3D, with Panasonic's Green Life Innovations introduced throughout all of the different zones.

Corporate Stage

Showcases the user benefits of Total Smart Lifestyles by Panasonic which include (1) a safe and secure lifestyle that achieves local energy production for local consumption through the use of energy creation, energy storage, and energy management devices; (2) optimization of household chores to suit users' lifestyles through smart home appliances; and (3) providing enjoyment, entertainment, and essential information for every aspect of a users' lifestyles through connected TV & 3D TV.

Total Smart Lifestyle for the Home

  • 02-CEATEC2011createstore.JPG
  • 03-CEATEC2011Storagelineup.JPG

Creating and Storing Energy Product Lineup Including HIT Solar Panels and Residential Storage Batteries

Beginning with the visualization of energy within the household using Panasonic's key energy management device known as a Smart Energy Gateway (SEG), with the help of a smart TV and smartphone, the exhibition highlights the energy savings and energy supply stabilization achieved by combining the SEG with energy creation devices (solar power generation systems and residential fuel cells), energy storage devices (residential storage batteries), and an electric vehicle (EV).

Five service functions (Energy, Mobility, Security, Healthcare, Community Platform) realized at Fujisawa SST are promoted here through video and a module display. In addition, this section highlights Panasonic's contribution to the environment on a global scale, utilizing the technologies developed for Fujisawa SST in other smart town projects around the world. The Fujisawa SST project also received an honorable mention with the CEATEC Award 2011 Grand Prix in the Prosperous and Ideal Lifestyle and Society Category.

  • 04-CEATEC2011SmartHA.JPG
  • 05-CEATEC2011Entirehome.JPG

Displaying Smart Home Appliances Which Support a Smart Lifestyle for the Entire Home

EV System Solutions

  • 08-CEATEC2011EV.JPG
    Panasonic's Technology for Heat, Battery and Power Support of the EV
  • 09-CEATEC2011EVheatpump.JPG
    New Heat Pump System in Detail
  • 10-CEATEC2011ecockpit.JPG
    e-Cockpit prototype

Panasonic has successfully applied the environmental technology for entire homes that the company cultivated in the development of home appliances and energy management systems to the three systems of Heat, Battery, and Power, the core components of an EV. And by linking these together, Panasonic has contributed to an increase in travel distance and achieved energy savings in the heating and cooling systems. In addition, as a future initiative, Panasonic also presents the e-Cockpit, a next generation cockpit system to meet the increasing computerization of automobiles.

Smart AV Networks

  • 11-CEATEC2011SmartAV.JPG
  • 12-CEATEC2011Actvila.JPG

Panasonic's VIERA Networking Technology Including the Newly Launched VIERA Connect Market (to the Japanese market)

VIERA networking which started with the VIERA Link has advanced to the VIERA Connect cloud-based IPTV service. Visitors can try first-hand a wide range of applications for games, video service, communication, and lifestyle. The exhibit will feature a presentation of VIERA Connect Market to show how applications can be easily added or purchased through the TV. There is also a promotion of a new connect TV experience through synching with Room Jump Link, rapidly expanding its range of supported devices, and with smartphones.

Experience 3D

  • 13-CEATEC2011Z10000.JPG
    The new HDC-Z10000 in "detail"
  • 14-CEATEC20113DSpaceShuttle.JPG
    Various 3D Images on the 152-inch PDP Theater
  • 15-CEATEC20113DGlasses.JPG
    Panasonic's Super-light 3D Glasses

3D product group for simple enjoyment of the increasingly-expanding high quality 3D content, as well as 3D Link, the connection of those products for enabling Recording, Watching, and Storing is promoted in this zone. The exhibit also introduces the 3D Depth Controller and 2D-3D Conversion Function that enable users to expand their enjoyment of 3D. On show are the twin-lens full HD 3D camcorders as well as twin-lens 3D supported LUMIX digital cameras. Visitors can also feel the lightness of the new 3D glasses weighing less than 30 g.


As mentioned Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo presented the keynote speech for this year's CEATEC. Under the title "A New 'Lifestyle Revolution' Brought about by Electronics," Ohtsubo spoke about the revolution brought about by electronics in terms of social and environmental. In line with this revolution, Panasonic is introducing smart and eco innovations to further drive the new lifestyle. You can view the archived video of the keynote speech here.

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