Showcasing Panasonic's Energy and AV Product Solutions at IFA 2011

Sep 02, 2011

Panasonic is highlighting its push to become the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry at Europe's largest tradeshow IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) for consumer electronics and home appliances. Held in Berlin, Germany between September 2 to 7, 2011, Panasonic will showcase exhibitions of its energy creation, energy storage, energy saving and energy management solutions centered on the company's range of products, technology and solutions for the European market.

For a glimpse of the booth, take a look at our special report by Panasonic News Portal reporter, Cathy.

Energy Solution Zone

  • 01-IFAEnergySolutionZone.JPG
  • 02-IFATeslaRoadstar.JPG
    Tesla Roadstar Powered by Panasonic's Storage Batteries

This zone features Panasonic's energy solutions business consisting of products such as HIT photovoltaic modules, heat-pump heaters, and LED lighting, focusing on the technology and solutions including fuel cells, lithium-ion storage battery systems, and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).
In addition, the area calls attention to Panasonic's comprehensive energy solutions for entire homes through to entire towns, providing information on Panasonic's storage batteries which power electric vehicles (EV) including the Tesla Roadstar as well as promoting Panasonic's involvement in sustainable smart cities and towns concepts around the world including the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project

Digital AV Network Zone

This zone showcases Panasonic's powerful promotion of the cloud-based service VIERA Connect.

  • 03-IFAVIERAConnectMonument.JPG
    The Stunning VIERA Connect Monument Symbolizing a Cloud of Information Gathering into the VIERA TV

In addition to a presentation stage explaining the various features of VIERA Connect, visitors at IFA have the opportunity to experience VIERA Connect applications from each of the seven categories of Video, Music, Sports, Games, SNS, News & Lifestyle, and Health & Fitness. The zone also introduces Panasonic's Smart VIERA concept: to open up a new world by connecting the VIERA TV and other AV equipment through the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and WiFi supported LUMIX.


  • 04-IFAVEIRA3DMassDisplay.JPG
    The FULL HD 3D VIERA Mass Display
  • 05-IFA3DShootingZone.JPG
    3D Shooting Corner with FULL HD 3D Camcorders

This is an interactive display featuring the fast growing 3D product group combined with 3D content that could only be delivered by Panasonic, the world leader in 3D. 3D VIERA, Blu-ray Disc recorders/players, and sound systems are displayed in the new product display area. In the 3D shooting area, visitors can test the newly announced compact twin-lens 2D/3D handheld camcorder as well as learn more about the technology of 3D including the conversion of 2D to 3D. Another highlight the first public appearance of the world's first FULL HD 3D Home Theater Projector.

Home AV Area & Imaging Zone

    Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Full Lineup of LUMIX Cameras at IFA
  • 07-IFALUMIX3DCompactCamera.JPG
    New LUMIX Twin Lens 3D Compact Camera is Under Development

The Home AV Area and Imaging Zone introduces the full lineup of LUMIX cameras and lens with a shooting corner where visitors can get to experience first-hand the power of LUMIX compact and systems cameras. In the past 10 years, LUMIX has always been introducing new trends to the digital camera market. At IFA, two new compact cameras as well as a new premium lens series X-lens for the systems camera lineup was announced. In addition, the announcement of a new LUMIX twin lens 3D compact camera is underway.

Special Exhibit


Panasonic's Life Innovation Container is set up as a special exhibit outside the booth. This container is an example of Panasonic's stand-alone power solutions, as a lifestyle solution for areas without electricity, or for contributing in times of emergency such as in the aftermath of the Japanese or Indonesian earthquakes. Aside from being presented at IFA, the Life Innovation Container is scheduled to be used to power a part of the light-up presentation at the "Light Message for Peace", sponsored by Panasonic to commemorate 150 years of Japanese and German exchange in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on September 9 and 10.

Panasonic- Live @ IFA

    Host Mr. Patrice Bouedibela Helps Participants Find Answers at the Panasonic Booth

This year Panasonic also introduces a first initiative at IFA, inviting guests who can't make it to IFA to participate online via live broadcasting. At participating Facebook pages as well as at the Panasonic IFA website, visitors from around the world can see Panasonic's booth live and also ask questions about specific products and get answers from knowledgeable Panasonic staff. Hosted by Mr. Patrice Bouedibela, be sure to visit to find out what is happening at the Panasonic IFA booth this year.

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