Panasonic Business Reports 2011 - Annual Report, 'eco ideas' Report and Sustainability Report - Now Available

Aug 05, 2011

The various business reports featuring business strategies, environmental activities and CSR efforts by Panasonic have been published and are now available online. These reports detail the efforts of the Panasonic Group in the fiscal year 2011 ended in March 31, 2011.

To reduce our environmental footprint, we have abolished printed brochures, and instead we are providing this information in PDF and online page, available for download from our website.

Annual Report 2011

Panasonic's Annual Report contains wide-ranging information including details of the Company's business strategies and financial position that assist mainly individual and institutional investors in making investment decisions.

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Images of Highlight Pages

cf: IR Web Site

'eco ideas' Report 2011

Disclosure of information on environmental activities started as the 'Environmental Report' in 1997. With the intent to further strengthen Panasonic's initiatives toward a sustainable society, the environmental data book had been published along with the CSR social reports from 2005. Since 2009, the current form, 'eco ideas' Report, has been introduced to report our annual environmental activities in consideration for the increasing importance of the environmental sustainability management.

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Page Images of CO2 Reduction (Left) and Global Eco Project

cf: Environmental Activities Web Site

Sustainability Report 2011

This report details the major corporate social responsibility (CSR) events and efforts of the new Panasonic Group. We selected four themes based on the ISO26000 guidance on social responsibility launched in November of last year: customers, operations, supply chain, and employees and communities.
The information is provided in PDF and digital book format, and available for download from our CSR website.

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Images of Digital Book

cf: CSR Web Site

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