Panasonic's Eco-Conscious LED Lighting to Illuminate the TOKYO SKYTREE

Jul 06, 2011

On June 15, 2011, Panasonic and TOBU TOWER SKYTREE Co., Ltd. announced that Panasonic will be the sole supplier of LED lighting to be used to light up the world's tallest free standing broadcast structure, the TOKYO SKYTREE(R), scheduled for completion in May 2012. Only LED lighting will be used to illuminate the TOKYO SKYTREE. This includes 1,995 LED lighting fixtures and a LED lighting display system, which will dress the 634-meter tower in elegant, subtle nuances of light, while also addressing the modern day environmental need to conserve energy.

  • TOKYO SKYTREE is Illuminated Entirely with Panasonic LED Lighting Systems
Video Report from Channel Panasonic is also available.
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About the TOKYO SKYTREE and all-LED lighting

The TOKYO SKYTREE is a digital terrestrial broadcasting tower currently being constructed in the Oshiage area of Tokyo's Sumida ward that is scheduled to open on May 22, 2012.
When completed, its total height of 634 meters will make it the tallest free standing broadcast structure in the world, overtaking the 553.33-meter CN Tower in Toronto. And it will stand as the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which measures 828 meters.

  • 01_0704_TS_Whole new .jpg
    Conceptual Image of ©TOKYO SKYTREE Viewed from Asakusa (Click for a Larger Image)
  • 01_07024_TS2.jpg

    Conceptual Image of the Completed TOKYO SKYTREE (Click for a Larger Image)

*Click here to watch live footage of the tower under construction: TOKYO SKYTREE WebCam

The illumination of the TOKYO SKYTREE produced using eco-conscious lighting has combined beautiful lighting sequences brought to life by the beauty of shadows with the strong desire to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. The result, an alluring, meaningful lighting program that reflects aesthetics unique to Japan as well as the local history and identity.

With 1,995 LED lighting fixtures and an LED lighting display system realized by Panasonic's cutting-edge technologies and collective strengths, Panasonic will illuminate the 634-meter tall TOKYO SKYTREE while also recapturing the "Iki" - the lively spirit and "Miyabi" - aesthetics that have been fostered in Edo/Tokyo over the yearas. Panasonic's LED lighting not only offers excellent "quality of light" and "energy savings," but it also promises "reliability," which is a great advantage for lighting installed at high altitudes, such as the TOKYO SKYTREE.

  • 01_0704_TS IK.jpg
    "Iki" Lighting Pattern
    Uses 1,558 LED Lights; Energy Savings of Approximately 43%* Compared to Conventional Lighting Units
    (Click for Larger Images)
  • 01_0704_miyabi.jpg
    "Miyabi " Lighting Pattern
    Uses 1,347 LED Lights; Energy Savings of Approximately 38%* Compared to Conventional Lighting Units
    (Click for Lager Images)
*In comparison to using a combination of high-efficient ceramic metal halide lamp fixtures and some LEDs.

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