Panasonic Efforts for "SETSUDEN" or Saving Electricity

Jun 30, 2011

Panasonic has been endeavoring to ensure that CO2 emissions from its entire business activities--not only from production activities but also from the use of its products by customers-- peak and decline thereafter in 2018, the 100th anniversary of its founding, which is ahead of the globally discussed target. To this end, Panasonic will continue making even greater efforts in emissions reduction. Based on this recognition, the company has introduced a unique index, "a size of contribution in reducing CO2 emissions" to accelerate emissions reduction, targeting both our products (for energy saving and creation) and production activities.

Furthermore, as of July 1, 2011, Panasonic established the "Corporate Electricity Saving Division" in response to constant power shortages expected in near future, due to a big change of Japan's electricity supply situation caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. It will make effort to cut the peak power consumption volume more and more by promoting initiatives at its factories, offices and employees' home and through changing our work-styles, which as a result lead to the productivity improvement and strengthened management structure.

Specific Initiatives

  • 03_setsuden_diagnosis.jpg
    Scene of Energy Conservation Diagnosis by Panasonic Staff

At the factory/office

  • Introducing private power generation systems
  • Identifying necessary measures through energy conservation diagnosis and making proposals on the same day
  • Setting an automatic power-saving program for all PCs in office
  • Reducing the number of exhibition lighting at our showrooms
  • Turning-off large display at Panasonic Center Tokyo

  • 01_setsuden_off.jpg
    Large Display Turned Off at Panasonic Center Tokyo
  • 02_setsuden_on.jpg
    Same Panasonic Center Display When Turned On

  • Examples of work-style changes
    1. Shifting office hours from those when electricity use is restricted to others
    2. Changing opening hour
    3. Closing an entire office floor and promoting teleworking and business trips without stopping by offices
    4. Shifting the summer vacation schedule
    5. Substituting weekend holidays to weekdays
    6. etc.

    At employees' workplace/home
  • Providing and sharing electricity saving know-how which can be carried out at workplaces and homes
  • Implementing online lectures and examinations as an environmental education program

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