Panasonic Exhibits at China-Japan Green Expo 2011

Jun 02, 2011
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    China National Convention Center in Beijing

Panasonic is currently showcasing unique energy solutions and services for entire homes, stores, buildings, and town at the China-Japan Green Expo 2011 in the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Held from June 1 to 3, 2011, the China-Japan Green Expo 2011 is an environmental exhibition organized jointly by Japan-China Green Expo Management, a non-profit organization established by Nippon Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations), and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). With environmental problems in China growing ever more severe, Panasonic is looking at ways to contribute to alleviate this problem while also increasing its brand image as a No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry.

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The Three Zones of Panasonic's Booth at the China-Japan Green Expo 2011

  1. Corporate Message Zone

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      Attendant Explains Panasonic's Corporate Vision
    Presentations in this zone cover Panasonic's vision to become a Green Innovation Company in time for the 100th anniversary of its foundation. The zone also uses powerful videos to convey a message of how Panasonic is working to realize eco-friendly, comfortable lifestyles in low-carbon societies through its energy solutions for entire towns - connecting many comprehensive initiatives for entire homes, stores, and buildings.

  2. Environmental Initiatives in China Zone

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      Explanation of Panasonic's Eco Activities in China
    This zone highlights specific initiatives that were covered a declaration to be an environmentally contributing company in China that was announced in October 2007 as well as the declaration to be a model company for environmental initiatives in May 2009. In the declarations, Panasonic voiced its intentions as a green company by promoting the manufacturing and sales of Green Products in China as well as the environmental technologies behind them, introducing Green Factory initiatives that have been introduced to factories across the country, initiating eco-friendly actions to be carried out by all employees and carrying out environmental education activities for Chinese children.

  3. Energy Solutions Zone

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      Entire Solutions in a Convenient Store Setting
    This zone explains the direction of Panasonic's energy systems business, the core of the company's Green Lifestyle Innovation initiatives, as well as examples of its development to date. The zone also demonstrates various initiatives for entire homes, entire stores, entire buildings, and entire public areas, as well as energy comprehensive solutions for entire towns that can be realized through these connections.

Specialist Seminar

On June 1, the opening day of the exhibition, Panasonic's Machiko Miyai, Executive Officer of the Corporate Environmental Affairs Division gave a presentation as part of a specialist seminar held in conjunction with the event. There she introduced Panasonic's basic policy for environmental sustainability management including its anniversary vision, the Green Plan 2018 that serves as its underlying action plan, as well as environmental sustainability management initiatives that have been promoted in China to date.

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    Machiko Miyai, Executive Officer of the Corporate Environmental Affairs Division
  • 05-CJGE2011.jpg
    Presentation at Specialist Seminar

At the seminar, Miyai also referred to Panasonic DADI DOWA Summit Recycling Hangzhou Co., Ltd., a new recycling company that was announced to be established in Hangzhou, China on May 30th.

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