Nov 25, 2022

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Panasonic Starts #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic Social Media Campaign – Join the Campaign to Win a Special Prize from Naomi Osaka!

Image: #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic Social Media Campaign

Osaka, Japan – What is your joy or happiness that you wish would last forever? The Panasonic Group host a social media campaign, #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic, from Friday, November 25 to Friday, December 23, on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

How to join our #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic campaign

On Twitter and Instagram, you can join the campaign by posting a photo or a video to share your happiness with the hashtag “#SpreadJoyWithPanasonic”. The best entries will have the chance to receive a special prize from Panasonic’s brand ambassador, Naomi Osaka!
On TikTok, you can join us by posting a dance video with the official theme song “Lodestar”, and the official AR effect, both just made for this campaign. Some of the best posts will appear in Panasonic’s special movie alongside with Naomi Osaka’s footage.

Check the below link to know more about the #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic campaign.

Please read carefully and agree to the following terms and conditions before participating in #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic campaign.

What is Naomi Osaka’s happiness?

Along with her fame as a pro tennis player, the talents of Naomi Osaka, born in 1997, have continued to blossom in recent years into entrepreneurship and investing. On the other hand, Naomi’s social media shows us glimpses of her life as a carefree young adult. So, how does Naomi live as a celebrity, entrepreneur, and everyday person all at once?
Panasonic discussed with our brand ambassador, Naomi Osaka, to discover her thoughts on happiness in the three fields of life, work, and environment.

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