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Vol 11 United StatesPanasonic Cheers for the HomeTeam(TM) - Online Service Connects Loved Ones, Keeps Families in Touch

Oct 20, 2015

Panasonic has some great news for families, in the form of an online service that helps to enrich c... Read More

Vol10 United StatesGo U.S. Men's Team! Go Team Panasonic! at Times Square

Jun 15, 2014

To send off the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team in style, and celebrate the start of another incredible World Cup, PNA joined a pep rally in Times Square. Panasonic took advantage of its partnerships with U.S. Soccer and Branded Cities Networks to light up five spectacular LED boards with messages ... Read More

Vol 9: ThailandPanasonic Hinyari Cool Dance Party in Bangkok, Thailand

May 15, 2013

Panasonic Thailand chilled the city of Bangkok despite the sweltering hot summer wave that has already hit the country. Here's how they promoted a dance party through social media and brought it into the streets of Bangkok, all with a chill. Read More

Vol.8: ChinaMore Than 50,000 Fans! Panasonic China's Account on WEIBO Has an Impressive Fan Base

Apr 01, 2013

Panasonic's communication activities in WEIBO have become a hot topic. Here's what Panasonic expands in SNS in China which has a huge number of users. Read More

Vol 7: India Panasonic's 'Celebration for Life' Festive Campaign in India

Dec 04, 2012

India is a country known for its festivals and the spirit of celebration that spreads across the nation. This year's festive season was no exception and families planning their celebrations could be seen at market places where a buzz of excitement and an air of cheer Panasonic has been continual... Read More

Vol. 6: Brazil Panasonic Reaches 200K Brazilian Fans on Facebook

Jun 25, 2012

It is now a common knowledge that the increased use of social media is changing the way consumers and companies communicate. Although Facebook originated in the United States of America, its presence is growing more and more in other countries around the world. Read how Panasonic Brazil actively use... Read More

Vol. 5: North America Send Your Best Wishes to the Olympians- "Raise the Bar Tour"

Jun 06, 2012

Raise the Bar Tour- designed to give consumers a chance to experience our 2012 line-up of home entertainment, digital imaging, home appliance and personal care products, went across major cities in North America. Visitors enjoyed time perusing the lineup at the tour on-site and through our social m... Read More

Vol.4B: Brazil Neymar is Coming to Town?! - 2

Dec 22, 2011

For two weeks in December 2011 (December 8-18), champion clubs from six continental confederations competed in Japan for one winning title. In this world famous football tournament, top class athletes from around the world took on head to head competition with what may be said as 'the best of the b... Read More

Vol.4A: BrazilNeymar is Coming to Town?!

Aug 16, 2011

As we reported in the Feature Story on Nov 25, 2010, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has powered up Panasonic's initiatives! Vol.4 of the SNS Initiatives series guides you to Brazilian's experience. Can you believe you could meet Neymar? And if you do, you can also take a picture with him!? But why... Read More

Vol. 2B: Indonesia Zoom-in Beauty Tour in Japan

Apr 22, 2011

Indonesia is home to one of largest population of Facebook users. Realizing such trends, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) has conducted an online contest to reach out to the younger Indonesian generation and chose three young ladies as the winners. The three contestants were then invited to Japan to ... Read More

Vol.3: Taiwan Panasonic Beauty with Facebook Fans in Taiwan

Apr 18, 2011

This time we take you around the other side of the world to Taiwan, where we introduce Panasonic Taiwan's Panasonic Beauty campaign and how they are reaching out to the younger Taiwanese generation. Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a communi... Read More

Vol.2A: Indonesia Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Facebook

Feb 22, 2011

Indonesia is home to one of largest population of Facebook users. Realizing such trends, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) has been active online to reach out the younger Indonesian. Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a community that actively ... Read More

Vol.1: North America Panasonic North America Facebook

Jan 03, 2011

Since Facebook originated from United States, it is not surprising Panasonic North America has been active on the platform to reach out to our fans. The first volume of this series brings you to United States where we report about their initiatives in preparation for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Sh... Read More

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