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Vol. 4BPanasonic Sponsors 26th South East Asian Games in Indonesia

Dec 13, 2011

The 26th South East Asian Games (SEA Games) in Indonesia, which was held in Palembang on eastern Su... Read More

Vol. 4A:Panasonic Intensifies its Environmental Communication Efforts in Indonesia

Nov 09, 2011

Currently, people in Indonesia are becoming more and more concerned about problems related to waste disposal as well as the increasing occurrence of floods due to abnormal weather conditions brought about by global warming. The awareness for environmental issues is growing especially, in its capit... Read More

Vol.3:Panasonic's Initiatives around the World for Christmas, Year's End and New Year Seasons

Dec 31, 2010

For Christmas ,Year's End and New Year's sales and events, Panasonic is proposing a variety of attractive initiatives to make product value appropriately understood by customers around the world.This news introduces Panasonic's initiatives which suit regional characteristics. North America ... Read More

Vol.2:Bruce Lee and Neymar da Silva Santos Junior Power Up Panasonic's 'ideas for life'

Nov 25, 2010

Following the article introducing Sarah Brightman and Dia Mirza, who have teamed up to promote Panasonic's 'ideas for life', we'd like to introduce two world-known male celebrities supporting Panasonic's campaign: Bruce Lee, the most influential martial artist/movie star in Asian history; and Neymar... Read More

Vol.1:Sarah Brightman and Dia Mirza Teams up with Panasonic to Promote 'ideas for life'

Oct 29, 2010

Our brand slogan 'Panasonic ideas for life' represents the corporate attitude of the Panasonic Group aiming to continually offer valuable ideas for the enrichment of people's lives and a sustainable society through product development, production, sales and services. Panasonic has announced exciti... Read More

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