Milano Salone 2013

Vol.2 Italian VersionReportage dell'esposizione "Energetic Energies"

Apr 09, 2013

In questa stagione tutte le caffetterie di piazza Duomo cominciano a preparare i tavolini all'apert... Read More

Vol.2Impressions of the Energetic Energies Presentation

Apr 09, 2013

Signs of spring are blooming all over Milan. The gray of winter is giving way to bright colors. Tables are appearing outside Duomo Square cafes. Shop windows are displaying brightly patterned light clothes. Colorful spring vegetables like artichokes, asparagus and tomatoes are piling high in the ma... Read More

Vol.1Solar Panels Shaping the Look of Cities and Energy Resources in the Future

Mar 27, 2013

Milano Salone -- held every April in Milan, Italy -- is one of the world's largest design exhibitions. This year will mark the sixth consecutive year of Panasonic's participation in the event, which attracts next-generation creators and pundits from around the globe. As a corporation firmly at the ... Read More

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