What’s Happening Today at Panasonic

Back Stage: The Birth of the Avionics Business

Feb 26, 2016

We take a look at how the avionics business--a major driver of Panasonic's BtoB strategy, the key t... Read More

Inheriting Tradition - Iron Series Residential Rain Gutters

Dec 18, 2015

Rain gutters are an essential part of any home. Here we take a look at efforts being made at Panasonic's Ritto Factory, which has worked for decades to hone its core manufacturing technologies and support innovation in the rain gutter industry. Read More

If It's Not Fun, It's Not Work! Panasonic's "10 Percent Time"

Nov 12, 2015

The first step to realizing a superior idea is finding others who will work hard to help you. Unique ideas, formulated on frontlines investing time in unstructured exploration, are creating the seeds for businesses that will drive the future. Read More

Back Stage: The Chief Developers Behind the Private Viera Portable Television

Oct 23, 2015

The video recording business felt under threat from factors such as falling sales caused by the waning of demand from the transition to digital television and the rise of cloud services. We put everything on the line to develop Private Viera from scratch, whose superior transmission and waterproof ... Read More

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