Executive Spotlight

Panasonic's Fundamental Strength a Stepping Stone to Growth

Nov 05, 2021

To prepare the way for its transition to a holding company in April 2022, the Panasonic Group intr... Read More

Enabling Better Compliance Through Culture Change

Jul 01, 2021

Laurence W. Bates joined Panasonic Corporation in April 2018. His roles include Managing Executive Officer, General Counsel, Chief Risk Management Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and the Board of Directors as Director of the Legal & Compliance Division. On the third anniversary of his appoin... Read More

Commitment to Environment Core Pillar of Panasonic Business Strategy

Jun 21, 2021

Zero Emissions Target Highlights Approach since Enactment of Matsushita Environmental Charter 30 years ago Read More

Year of Transformation for Panasonic: New CEO, Structure Position Company for Sharpening Areas of Focus

Apr 28, 2021

The next twelve months will be a year of transformation for Panasonic Corporation--commencing with a change of leadership this month and culminating with the transition to a holding company in April 2022. Read More

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