My strengths are thinking and sensibility. I don't have any special gifts, but I feel I've always been good at observing my surroundings and comprehensively analyzing myself in such environments. Another strength is that I can feel the beauty of everyday life and nature.

[My dream is] that I continue to love creating things, and that I continue to love what I create.

College Life
I studied abroad at a graduate school in Finland from the fall of 2019 to the summer of 2020. At school, I mainly take classes in architecture, design, and art, and recently started taking lectures in fields outside of my area of study. On days I don't have class, I'm often doing photography on walks, or I'm in my room reading or creating something on the computer. I spend quite a bit of time on my own as I enjoy taking the time to explore my thoughts.

Why did you participate in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS competition?
I learned about the competition through a tweet sent by Nobuyuki (Nobi) Hayashi, one of the judges. I was drawn to the competition's unique appeals, such as the opportunity to present to the IOC and possibility to put ideas into implementation. My childhood memories of playing soccer were also a great motivation to participate in the competition.

How did you feel when you were selected as the regional representative?
I feel the panel selected me as regional representative because I was sincere in proposing a future landscape that I really wanted to see. As a student, I may not yet know everything about advancing such a big project, but being a student also allows me to propose ideas that are unique to me at this stage of life. I decided to believe in the things that only I can do.

Please say a few words to express your determination for August 23?
I'm continually hoping that the day of the final presentation will not mark the final day of the project, but rather, a day that will start something new.

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