Costa Rica plans to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and it is already well on its way with 98% of its energy coming from renewable sources.

The ingenuity and passion of local employees at our Panasonic factory have had a big impact on reducing our environmental burden. And the government showed its support for those efforts by supplying 400 solar panels. It's part of a pilot program for public-private sector initiatives to help Costa Rica cover the remaining 2% of energy requirements with renewable sources.

Employees have led the way in making the dry battery factory more efficient through the adoption of LED lighting, the simplification of pneumatic lines, and the elimination of plastic waste.

Initiatives such as these show our dedication to keeping pace with employees to achieve our Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 for a sustainable global environment. And they prove that multi-sector collaboration is the key to achieving these goals.

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