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Social Media Monthly Highlights

APRIL 2019 TOP 5 Engagement

May 07, 2019

Here are the TOP 5 most engaged posts for APRIL 2019.

No. 1 - The First-Ever "Head Car Scuffing Machine" for the Shinkansen Bullet Train: Dexterous Force Control Replicated by "Japan's Engineering Prowess"


Maintenance is a must to keep the Tokaido Shinkansen running safely & stably, but the manual job of scuffing is difficult and dangerous. Learn how Panasonic developed the solution - the world's first-ever Head Car Scuffing Machine:

Posted on Apr 3, 2019
- Newsroom article:

No. 2 - Panasonic Collaborates with FamilyMart, Utilizing IoT Technologies for a Next-generation Convenience Store

The trial store we opened in collaboration with FamilyMart in Yokohama utilizes IoT technologies to realize an evolved store experience where customers want to shop and employees want to work.

Posted on Apr 19, 2019
- Newsroom article:
- Video:

No. 3 - DP Carlo Rinaldi, AIC shoots "The Haunting of Sharon Tate" with VariCam LTs

We sat down with Carlo Rinaldi, cinematographer behind latest horror film "The Haunting of Sharon Tate", to find out how he uses our VariCam LT cameras to capture suspenseful scenes in the dark:

Posted on Apr 8, 2019
- Blog:
- Video:

No. 4 - Panasonic is Continuously Honored with Golden Dragon 2019 Award for Contributions to the Sustainable Development of Vietnam

Panasonic Vietnam won the prestigious Golden Dragon Award for two consecutive years as the leading brand in Vietnam's consumer electronics industry, recognizing its contribution to the growth of the industry and the country's socio-economic development.

Posted on Apr 12, 2019
- Blog:

No. 5 - Projection Artwork Choose Panasonic's Brightest Laser Projectors for the Tallest Projection Mapping Show Ever Undertaken.

Panasonic partnered with Projection Artwork to deliver three spectacular shows across the globe with over 70 projectors. Watch how we specialize in skylines and redefine the limits of projection mapping here:

Posted on Apr 3, 2019
- Blog:
- Video:


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