This forum is the finale to the 100th anniversary exhibition tour that has traveled around the world this year to express gratitude to customers and partners, and to showcase how Panasonic has contributed to society over the past century. The exhibition comprises a keynote speech by President Kazuhiro Tsuga, a "symposium" featuring special lectures by experts from various fields, and the "general exhibition," which showcases Panasonic's future vision for "A Better Life, A Better World."

Overview of the symposium (lectures, sessions, seminars)

On opening day, President Tsuga gave a keynote address on "Offering new lifestyles toward the next 100 years - How can Panasonic transform itself from a CE company?" In the latter half of the keynote speech, he welcomed Mr. Makoto Kouyama, CEO of Alibaba Japan and Mr. Ken Kusunoki, Professor of Hitotsubashi University School of International Corporate Strategy as panelists as well as Mr. Nobukata Murao, former newscaster and Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University, as the moderator to discuss how they can co-create the future.

During the course of the week, over 100 "special lectures", by global leaders who have led structural transformation within their organizations, "leaders' sessions" with experts from various fields, "business sessions" where Panasonic's top executives will speak about its business vision and aspirations, and "seminars" where the company's latest technologies, solutions, and activities will be introduced, will be held.

General exhibition

In the Lobby Gallery, visitors can find the "Panasonic's 100-Year Journey" corner, a look back at a century in which Panasonic has placed people first and contributed to society through its epoch-making home appliances.

In the "General Exhibition" area located in Hall E (B2F), Panasonic is introducing its vision for the near future (~2030) introducing six key societal themes ranging from robotics, mobility and sensing technology to the next generation of smart living. Each has a "Theme Presentation" which describes the future vision, as well as the technologies that will make it possible to deliver "A Better Life, A Better World".

In Hall B7, a forum for open innovation, "NEXT 100," is serving as a platform for discussing businesses of the future with various partners. Panasonic is introducing its efforts to develop new businesses, while challengers, from both Panasonic and other firms, will present on a wide range of themes. A talk show with star guests from startup companies will also be held.

[Panasonic's 100-Year Journey]

This section is introducing products from the early years of Panasonic, dawn of home appliances, and from during the home electrification boom. Under the themes, "audio," "for kids," "information and communications," "helping women's social advancement," "video," and "innovations in air conditioning," Panasonic is showcasing products that helped realize a better life and a better society.

[General Exhibition]

Vision theater
A specially created video is shown on a gigantic, 7m tall, 25m wide screen, showcasing Panasonic's commitment to a better future, and to updating each and everyone's lifestyle.

Six theme/technology exhibits

This area is introducing Panasonic's integrated home platform and the latest innovations in home appliances and homes that adjust to diversifying lifestyles and place residents first.

  • HomeX: Introducing the basic concept for the integrated home platform.
  • Lifestyle solutions: A "food experience" demo using consumer electronics, housing equipment and services provided on HomeX is being conducted.
  • IoT homes: Panasonic's IoT homes equipped with HomeX.

This section is introducing future concepts for homes, personal mobility, and Panasonic's smart town initiatives that help bring residents together. The living environments Panasonic proposes will evolve with the residents.

  • Homes with service ports: A part of a home will be transformed into an open, sharable environment that even non-family members can utilize. This space may be transformed flexibly, and it will continue to evolve with its residents.
  • Sustainable smart town: By working together with partner companies and local governments, Panasonic is creating new services to help resolve social and regional challenges.
  • Personal mobility: Prototypes of the walking training robot and the personal porter robot.

This area is introducing Panasonic's efforts in community-based electric mobility services that will help invigorate towns by meticulously integrating the movement of people and things.

  • 48V ePowertrain: By creating modules of batteries, drive trains, and cabins Panasonic has made the manufacturing of compact electric mobility vehicles simple.
  • eMobility concept: A conceptual model based on the 48V ePowertrain.

This corner is introducing accessibility solutions for airports and cities, as well as live sport presentation solutions that will help create an attractive, energetic city.

  • Accessibility solutions (airports): Robotic mobility, WHILL NEXT, see-through translation, automated border control gate using face recognition, autonomous signage robot.
  • Sports presentation solutions: High-speed tracking projection mapping, contactless vital sensing, multi-video distribution system.
  • Accessibility solutions (cities): Silky fine mist, street signage.

This area is introducing solutions for Gemba Process Innovation that combine Panasonic's unparalleled technologies with the know-how it has acquired through its manufacturing activities by addressing challenges that the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution industries have faced.

  • Manufacture (make): Automation of food factory production lines.
  • Logistics (deliver): Autonomous delivery system, solutions that improve loading/unloading efficiency.
  • Distribution (sell): Automated shelf monitoring solution, Data driven store management.

Introducing how Panasonic will create value, undertake R&D and manufacturing activities in the coming century, and how this will change through digitalization and the convergence of real and virtual worlds.

  • Creating value: Human sensing, life security.
  • R&D: Materials informatics, human simulation.
  • Manufacturing: Digitalization of processes and "expert craftsmanship."

Environment Vision 2050/Corporate Citizenship Activities
This is introducing Panasonic's efforts in realizing its Environment Vision 2050, "Energy used < Energy created", which includes zero CO2 emission factories, and one of its corporate citizenship activities "Solutions for Non-electrified Regions.", which Panasonic is undertaking with hope of alleviating poverty.


Main stage
Employees working hard to create new businesses, pioneers and successful people from other companies will talk passionately about creating a better future.

  • Talk session with employees: Intellectual property (open innovation challenge), robotics, ANY SWITCH, Shibuya 100BANCH, Game Changer Catapult, etc.
  • Talk session with experts: Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa (Think Lab's vision of a future office), Mr. Takahito Iguchi (Future brought to life by transparency), Ms. Yuka Kojima, (A world renowned created by VR), etc.
  • Dance performance by ATOUN's power suit and M++ (performers).
  • Collaboration of video and audio (orchestra) using AI technology.
  • TOKYO FM "Education on the Future" public recording (author, Mr. Jin Mayama).

Theme exhibits

  • Joy stick: An IoT embedded stick born from a Panasonic employee's idea and upgraded with an idea from another company.
  • Agri-food vision: Experience the future - Delivering safe food (vegetables) from production and distribution through to the table, with smart IT technology.
  • Lantana: Next generation andon lights that can display visual content.
  • BREWALK: A platform that brings together Japan's craft beer, restaurants, and fans.
  • Transparent TABLE: Take part in meetings empty-handed with meeting tables equipped with touch monitors. An all-new meeting experience.
  • Shibuya 100BANCH: 15 themes are on display including Smuzoo, Papertype, Food Re-Valuation, Solidknit, Braille Neue, and BUSHHOUSE brought to visitors by the forward-thinking ward that love experiments.
  • Game Changer Catapult: Six themes - AMP, Aromation, totteMEAL, OniRobot, Ferment2.0, and Sylphid from Appliances Company's new business creation efforts.
  • Café adjacent to the substage: A forum for frank discussion between visitors and the exhibitor.

"NEXT100" will run until November 2. No pre-registration is necessary.

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