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Housing Solutions in Asia Pacific

Three Japan-quality PanaHome Technologies

Mar 30, 2016

As the annex of the announcement of PanaHome MKH Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PanaHome MKH Malaysia) on March 30, 2016, let us introduce the detail of three Japan-quality PanaHome technologies.

PanaHome MKH Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PanaHome MKH Malaysia), with 51% investment from PanaHome Malaysia, a local subsidiary of PanaHome Corporation based in Japan, and 49% investment from MKH subsidiary, Kajang Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd will focus its business on conducting building contract work for numerous residential and apartment development projects undertaken by MKH. The joint venture company was established in 17 December 2015 to provide construction and Living Design Package, and "Panasonic Homes & Living" solutions to Malaysia's property market.

Three Japan-quality PanaHome technologies will be deployed under this partnership:

1. Wall Pre-cast Concrete (W-PC) construction method utilising pre-fabricated materials and structure

[a] Under the W-PC method, the building's exterior components such as flooring slabs, walls and roof are assembled at a temporary factory built at the development site, eliminating the need for transportation from point A to point B. This helps to reduce construction period.

[b] Consistent quality will be maintained regardless of the skill level of the workers and weather conditions. Maple @ Hillpark Shah Alam North will be the first overseas project utilising W-PC for PanaHome Corporation.

  • 435px

    High quality

  • 435px

    Efficient and quick assembly


Wall-Precast Concrete (W-PC) is a pre-fabrication construction method involving large concrete panels moulded at a temporary factory at the development site and later assembled using a crane

2. PURETECH ventilation system filters out dust and air pollutants, thus keeping indoor air fresh for home owners

Indoor air accounts for about 60% of all substances taken in by humans daily. Therefore, PanaHome believes it is crucial for indoor air to be kept clean and healthy. PURETECH ventilation system was developed as a standard for houses built in Japan, following years of research and development. In Malaysia, air pollution caused by haze, soot, smoke and vehicle exhaust fumes can become a serious social problem if not effectively addressed. PanaHome will adopt PURETECH to Malaysian homes aimed at improving indoor air quality in the country.

  • 283px
  • 283px
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PURETECH ventilation system

3. Living Design Package and "Kajiraku"


"Kajiraku" was developed to promote easy maintainence of households


Also developed to provide comfortable and functional living

Showroom in Kuala Lumpur

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  • 435px
  • Stylish interior design incorporating suitable lighting elements and effective use of space

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