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CES2015 Panasonic Booth Highlights

Hot Technologies like 4K HDR and Other New & Exciting 4K Products - Come try them in the "Product Hands On" corner!

Jan 07, 2015

Panasonic Corporation introduced a wide range of new products and technologies such as TVs, digital cameras, and camcorders at one of the largest comprehensive exhibitions in the world, the "2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015)," which kicked off on January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, USA.

  • [News Flash] CES 2015 Panasonic booth highlights


The new 2015 models, CX series, feature a richer 4K color expression with an even wider color gamut brought to life by new phosphor technology. In the Product Hands On area, you can experience accessing various content via my Home Screen 2.0 enhanced by "Firefox OS," and new services like the "Xumo Guide," which lets you seamlessly enjoy an impressive range of VOD. And in the area highlighting the technology behind VIERA's amazing picture quality, you will be able to see the difference in color reproducibility between new and conventional models.

Moreover, at the presentation stage, Panasonic is proposing a new concept for consumer electronics like the TV and projector "that blend in with the stylish interior decor."

  • 01_CES2015_4KTV.JPG
  • 02_CES2015_TVwFF.JPG

2015 model, VIERA CX850 series

Digital Cameras

In the Product Hands On area , you can experience a function unique to Panasonic, the "4K Photo," which lets you select the best moment from 4K video and save it as a 4K photo. So, for example, you can shoot a drop of water as it falls, and capture the water crown as a beautiful photograph. A wide range of products including the waterproof, dust and impact resistant, tough TS6 is being showcased.

At the presentation stage, you can watch a demonstration of the "Hybrid Photo" function, which lets you capture moments as both still and moving images, as well as a home studio proposal for active U.S. Youtubers.

  • 03_CES2015_CM1.JPG
    Communication Camera CM1 equipped with LTE
  • 08_CES2015_youtuber.JPG
    A home studio presentation


Panasonic has added 6 new models to the line-up like the camcorder featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR), compact WX970/VX870 capable of 4K30p videography, and the V770/W570 equipped with the Wireless Twin Camera function. Experiential demonstrations are being held in this corner to introduce the new models.

  • 06_CES2015_twincam.JPG
  • 05_CES2015_twincam.JPG

4K capable WX970 and VX870 equipped with the twin camera function

Professional Camcorders

Here, you will find the professional camcorder, "VARICAM 35," equipped with a super 35mm 4K MOS sensor that is capable of shooting 4K video with 14+ stops of latitude.

Blu-ray Disc Player

  • 07_CES2015_UHDBD.JPG
    Ultra HD BLU-RAY TMDisc Player (prototype)

And last but not least, meet the world first, next generation Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player. This prototype supports the latest technologies of 4K, High Dynamic Range and so on, which are expected to be adopted in the next generation Blu-ray disc standards (ULTRA HD BLU-RAYTM).

Panasonic at CES 2015

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