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Vol 11

Professionals Talk About Panasonic's 4K Solutions

Nov 19, 2014

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation released a video on November 19, 2014, to introduce examples of 4K solutions that Panasonic is spearheading for AV evolution.

  • Panasonic 4K Solutions
  • 01_4Ksolutions_miyabe.jpg
    President Yoshiyuki Miyabe of Panasonic AVC Networks Company

The term "4K" is often heard today.
While it's easy to assume that it merely describes a more beautiful TV picture, it actually has a much deeper meaning. In this video, President Yoshiyuki Miyabe of Panasonic AVC Networks Company tells what to look for in the world of 4K. As he describes it, "The jump from HD to 4K will be one of the biggest developments in the last 20 years." It's a world-changing transition.

In addition to offering a variety of business solutions, 4K promises to further advance the safe, secure lifestyles that Panasonic has pursued for people around the globe since its founding, and to bring life-changing improvements to the world's societies. Let's look at some of the concrete solutions that everybody can look forward to. As the video shows, in addition to transforming TV broadcasts and images of all kinds, 4K is going to touch peoples' lives with major solutions in a wide range of locations, including retail stores and art galleries, and a variety of different fields, such as security, architecture, and medicine.

  • 02_4Ksolutions_cioni.jpg
    Michael Cioni, CEO of a post production company
  • 03_4Ksolutions_nancy.jpg
    Nancy Schreiber, a Hollywood cinematographer
  • 04_4Ksolutions_shin.jpg
    David Shin, Senior Vice President of FOX International Channels
  • 05_4Ksolutions_wolf.jpg
    Aerial Cinematographer Ferdinand Wolf
  • 06_4Ksolutions_suzuki.jpg
    Architect Edward Suzuki
  • 07_4Ksolutions_sakamoto.jpg
    Doctor Hideki Sakamoto, Obstetrics and Gynecology

4K Attractions for Broadcast and Media Professionals

For example, Michael Cioni, CEO of a post production company, describes the ability of VARICAM35, a 4K camera recorder, to control color outside of the camera. He calls it "actually talking to the camera." It's an entirely new concept that will transform the production workflow as we know it. Nancy Schreiber, a Hollywood cinematographer, tells how it is "not just resolution, but colors that are true to life and really help an audience member get into the story and really feel the emotions that the director and the cinematographer are creating." David Shin, Senior Vice President of FOX International Channels, emphasizes the rich experience that 4K offers in the field of sports, by "bringing the spectator in the arena."

4K Changes to the World of Photography

The LUMIX GH4 digital camera makes it easy to capture and use 4K images. And now, it's possible to extract single frames from the videos taken with this camera, for use as high-definition photos. For example, you can capture a bird precisely as it takes off, or catch a brief smile from a child's face. According to Miyabe of Panasonic AVC Networks Company, 4K opens the door to a host of new expressions that have never even been considered until now. Aerial cinematographer Ferdinand Wolf shows scenes captured by mounting the GH4 to a remote controlled helicopter. He gives high acclaim to GH4 functions such as 1080p All-Intra 200Mbps image quality, 96fps footage for slow motion scenes, and 4K resolution.

4K Business Solutions

4K has the potential to make significant changes to peoples' lives. For example, placing a large 4K display in the show window of a boutique lets you display a life-sized model wearing one of the shop's outfits. Using it in a museum makes it possible to exhibit images of art works that look identical to the original. And high-definition images on a 4K monitor for security cameras provide a wealth of information about customer behavior.

4K Tablet Solutions

Panasonic launched the world's first 4K tablet. Its 20-inch screen achieves a level of resolution that rivals images printed on paper. Architect Edward Suzuki praises this image quality, saying 4K "will enhance light, shadow, and shades. A lot of materials that would be difficult to present on paper or monitors would probably be helped." And Doctor Hideki Sakamoto describes the potential for applying 4K tablets to medical applications, adding "The clearer the image the greater the diagnostic power."


This video shows a number of new solutions made possible by 4K. In closing, Miyabe of Panasonic AVC Networks Company adds emphatically, "4K will certainly be the norm by 2020. These advances will help lead to 'A Better Life, A Better World.'"

Please watch this video to hear what professionals in a variety of fields have to say about 4K, and to see examples of actual solutions already at work.

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