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Vol. 10

Empowering Indonesians in Remote Areas of Sumba and Sabu Islands with 1,000 Solar Lanterns

Apr 03, 2014

Sumba and Sabu are two islands in Indonesia that are located in Eastern Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) area. Locals there hold dear to their traditional ancestral culture, called Merapu. With spacious hilly areas, several villages on these islands are located at the top of mountains and hills, a 4-hour long drive from the main city. Although the main city is developed, a few of these villages are still living without stable electricity supply.

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With limited access to electricity, these villages are often surrounded with darkness. This in turn affects the education process, economic progress, and healthcare. As the lighting sources are only available mainly at the city, locals from these remote villages are required to put in extra effort to travel in order to acquire proper lighting and utilize kerosene lamps as their temporary lighting solution.

To address these social gaps and encourage a better life for Indonesians living in remote areas, Panasonic donated a total of 1,000 solar lanterns (BG-BL03) in Kahaung Eti, Sumba Island and Anambas, Sabu Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Solar lanterns function as an eco-friendly, convenient and practical lighting solution.

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The donation was conducted between 3rd and 7th March at several villages on Sumba Island, including Kombu Village. Panasonic Corporation together with the Institute of Business and Economic Democracy Foundation (IBEKA), a local NGO that focuses on empowering marginal groups in Indonesia, handed over 30 solar lanterns to selected families in the village. Panasonic taught the locals how to use the solar lantern for various daily activities, such as cooking, reading, or studying at night. They were enthusiastic to use the solar lanterns and showed their gratitude. It was heartwarming to witness first-hand how Panasonic's innovative products are making people's lives better and contributing to a better world.

Panasonic also gave out 111 specially designed solar lantern shade covers as part of its global "Cut Out the Darkness Project".

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