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Vol. 32

Highlights From UK, Thailand, Japan and around the world from September 1-15

Oct 07, 2013

Hello Panasonic fans! Here is the latest edition of our inBrief for the first half of September.

Panasonic's "Home Screen" service adds two more channels, Eurosport and YouTube, to its entertainment lineup. Meanwhile Panasonic launched the Arbitrator 360°, which as its name suggests, can capture images from all directions - a much needed tool for security purposes. We are also helping the Michigan State Spartans to score points as they use our technology to help them watch and analyze matches.

Not forgetting our environment, 606 volunteers from Panasonic, their families and the alumni of Panasonic Scholarship got their hands down to restore our coastal ecosystem. Elsewhere, the proliferation of solar panels has gathered pace in Australia. A million households now spot photovoltaic panels, which make for a terrific source of green energy. We are also really happy to share that our smart city in Fujisawa is well on track to be a part of a new green world!

Find out what you want to know in these sections of our inBrief:

1. With You - Where Panasonic technology is in your homes and by your side
2. Around You - See how we are a part of your community, wherever you are
3. Spotlight - Shine the light on our heroes helping the less privileged
4. Radar - Eco trends around the world
5. Discover - Learn more about how we are involved in research and education
6. Roadmap - How Panasonic's smart technology will help you live in the future, today


With You
More reasons to be a couch potato!

Panasonic's popular service "Home Screen", which provides quick and easy access to content from Panasonic partners, is adding YouTube and Eurosport to its lineup. Eurosport Home Screen will bring the latest sports news andonline sports channels, while YouTube Home Screen will bring popular video feed and most popular content from YouTube. Users can also choose their own content, channels and features, as they usually do, when browsing YouTube.

The "Home Screen Collection" allows users to access several different home screen options such as their favourite football team or social media platforms. Users can also personalize their screen by setting widgets and choosing a background.

Here is how "Home Screen" can be your very own channel.

Sept 4, 2013
Source - Panasonic Norway

Around You
360°HD Video Evidence Capture

Video is now a critical component of public safety operations and the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° brings the highest quality in the industry and provides unmatched image clarity for critical evidence capture. Panasonic's Arbitrator 360° makes it possible to look in all directions at the same time, with options such as double panorama mode and fish eye mode. It can even monitor blind spots.

Witness the wonders of Panasonic's Arbitrator 360°HD in this video:

Sept 9, 2013
Source - Panasonic USA and Panasonic Security

Mangrove reforestation project

  • inBrief Sept 1-15_Spotlight1.JPG
  • inBrief Sept 1-15_Spotlight2.JPG

As part of the mangrove reforestation inititation to restore coastal ecosystems, 606 volunteers from Panasonic's employees, their families and the alumni of Panasonic Scolarship in Thailand came together to plant about 2,500 mangrove trees in Choburi province, Thailand. The Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth Activity, under Panasonic Mangrove Reforestation Project with Bangsaen Municipal, was dedicated to the Queen's 81st birthday. The volunteers also visited the Marine Science Museum to learn about costal and marine eco system.

Kudos to our environmentalists!

Sept 4, 2013
Source - Panasonic Global

Harnessing power from the sun at a never-before-seen rate

  • 01_inBrief180913.jpg
    Solar revolution led by outer suburbs

Australian households are harnessing solar power at a never-before-seen rate, with the energy revolution being led in suburbs and towns in New South Wales, Queensland, Melbourne and Western Australia. This year, there are about 1 million rooftops with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, up from just 8,000 back in 2007. This means 11% of the Australian population is now using the sun to power their homes!

The cost of installing a PV panel today has fallen significantly compared to its cost in 2002 and the decision to install solar panels is no longer just about global responsibility but about making financial sense. The future of energy is renewable with Panasonic.

Sept 18, 2013
Source - Panasonic Australia Blog

Victorious edge with Panasonic cameras

  • 01_inBrief130913(1).jpg

The Michigan State Spartans has counted on Panasonic P2 HD camcorders and remote HD cameras to capture video for coaching analysis for several years. It recently added two AW-HE50S Full HD PTZ cameras and an AW-HE870 remote HD camera with AW-RP655 remote controls. The team uses different cameras to capture different angles, such a sideline high angle, end zone high angle and ground level capture. This enables Matt Harper, MSU's Football's Director of Technology, to get footage that was not possible before. He also added that the cameras were chosen because of its superior integration with XOS Thunder Football, which brings efficiency - all which are vital for that victorious edge!

Sept 13, 2013
Source - Panasonic Solutions for Business

The future smart city

  • 01_inBrief130913.jpg

Panasonic is completing a "smart city" in Fujisawa, Japan. Built from scratch on the site of an old factory between Tokyo and Mount Fuji, the pioneering model is a benchmark for efficient use of energy and a reduction in harmful toxic emissions. It also improves the lives of citizens and cost efficiency for companies.

Smart communities - a network of houses, buildings and structures that produce and consume electricity efficiently - are characterized by the use of renewable energy to minimize power consumption and energy efficient information technologies. Fujisawa is targeting a 70% reduction in carbon emissions through proposed fuel cell generators for homes, electric cars and smart appliances connected to a local network.

Panasonic, along with other pioneering Japanese brands, is committed in the development of technology for an intelligent and green life to help make Japan one of the most eco nations in the developed world.

For more information on the town click here

Sept 13, 2013
Source - Panasonic Spain

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