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SNS Initiatives
Vol 9: Thailand

Panasonic Hinyari Cool Dance Party in Bangkok, Thailand

May 15, 2013

Panasonic Thailand chilled the city of Bangkok despite the sweltering hot summer wave that has already hit the country. Here's how they promoted a dance party through social media and brought it into the streets of Bangkok, all with a chill.

  • 01-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Flash Mob Dance by Yaya and Roughly 200 dancers including Yaya fans at Parc Paragon Mall at 3 pm, the Recorded Hottest Time of the Day

Panasonic kicked off 'Hinyari' a freezing dance party to cool down and fresh up the Thai crowds in the middle of the sweltering city at Parc Paragon Mall, Bangkok. on May 4, 2013. The snow wonderland was heated up by its new presenter, actor Yaya Urassaya Sperbund in an Eskimo costume. This Panasonic promotional event aims to reinforce its positioning on the cool and comfort of its line-up of energy-efficient air-conditioner for the Thailand climate heat. The party provides an excellent of fun, dance, game and entertainment as magical journey in the snow wonderland with nearly 200 dancers and Yaya's fan club, driven from videos on YouTube to an actual event in town.

  • View the Full Flashmob Dance!
  • 02-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Brand Ambassador Yaya is Dancing Again with Professional Dancers on Stage at 5 pm for the Press Event
  • 03-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Yaya Sings to the General Visitors, her Fan Club and the Press
  • View the Catchy Hinyari Dance Performed by Panasonic Brand Ambassador Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

Prior to the actual event, the promotion of the event complete with the dance video was promoted online and on Facebook. The fans of Panasonic and its brand ambassador Yaya were asked to register on an official website and rehearse together with her before the event day. On the day of the event, nearly 200 dancers took part! The artificial snow was sprayed during the event was designed for the fans added to the fun of the event as well as cooled them down in the summer heat lead by Panasonic's air-conditioner brand ambassador Yaya who dramatically took the lead on dancing in the snowy wonderland.

  • 06-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Yaya Posing with Panasonic "Standard" and "Superior" model Air Conditioner

Panasonic Thailand chose the young talent Ms. Yaya Urassaya Sperbund since she has become an icon of her generation. Her charm, modesty, her work in the entertainment business as well as dedication to education goes hand in hand with Panasonic"s corporate image on high quality and reliability. Through this new collaboration with Yaya, Panasonic hopes to bring a refreshing image to Panasonic home appliances including air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, television and Panasonic beauty appliance.

  • 04-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Visitors Enjoying the Artificial Snow in Hot summer at Parc Paragon Mall, Bangkok
  • 05-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Children and their Families Enjoying the Snow Which Never Happens in Bangkok

Apart from the fun dance activity that grabbed the crowd's attention, Panasonic Thailand was able to highlight the superior quality of Panasonic air-conditioner appliances of its standard and superior models that can provide almost the same comfort and convenience that the chill of Yaya and the crowd's 'cooling' performance. The latest in design and the trendy style of Panasonic air-conditioners plus its additional benefits of eco-conscious technology of Panasonic air conditioners was displayed for the visitors to enjoy.

  • 07-Hinayari2013.JPG
    Brand Ambassador Yaya and Panasonic Executives

The Panasonic Hinyari Cool Dance Party was a great success to bring snow to the hottest season of Bangkok, Thailand. This event could not only increase awareness of the superior quality Panasonic air conditioner with its cooling function but also gain the attention online through social media and word-of-mouth by traditional media as well as online.

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