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Panasonic Together for Japan

Activities to Help Children Overcome 3.11

Mar 11, 2013

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, Panasonic Corporation has made various efforts in the form of financial donations and aid, provision of relief supplies, and employee volunteers to help people in afflicted areas.

This feature reflects on the actions taken by Panasonic this past year after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

March 11, 2013 will mark the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake, but there is still much work that needs to be done. Society as a whole must work together to provide the much-needed support over the mid to long term. Panasonic will continue to make long-lasting contributions mainly through its various business activities and through "activities that help nurture the next generation," which is one of the company's key CSR programs.

  • 01_tohokusupport_2013.jpg
    Kitto Waraeru 2021(Smiling for Sure 2021)Project

The main activities to Support the Development of the Next Generation

  • 04_tohokusupport_2013.jpg
    A Scene of Video Production by Children

Kitto Waraeru 2021(Smiling for Sure 2021)
This is a program designed to help, through video production, children living in areas afflicted. Eleven schools and approximately 3,000 children in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures have taken part in the 8 editions of the program conducted so far. The program will be held in 4 locations, including Namie-machi, Fukushima prefecture in FY2013.

  • 02_tohokusupport_2013.jpg
    The Sports Day Support Caravan

Gakkou Smile Ouen Project (School Smiles Support Project)
This program offers long-term support to schools in afflicted areas, to help conduct educational activities that meet their specific needs. Panasonic's employees have volunteered at these schools and sent messages of support, and so far, the program has helped 43 schools in Ofunato and Rikuzentakata in Iwate prefecture. The company will continue to take part in this program this year. Here are some of the activities planned:
- the Sports Day Support Caravan:
Beginning in May, the caravan will visit 11 elementary and junior high schools in Ofunato and Rikuzentakata.
- Career Challenge Day
In July, a career education program will be conducted for children in their second year of junior high school living in Ofunato.

  • 03_tohokusupport_2013.jpg
    SEND to 2050 Project

SEND to 2050 Project
Panasonic employees volunteer to help with junior high school student councils' efforts to rebuild their communities. The company's employees will continue to take part in these activities in FY2013.
(Official Website: )

"Messages for Us in 2021" a Film Documenting the "Kitto Waraeru 2021" Activities

Panasonic's employees who took part in these activities created this film. It won the "Silver Award" under the TVCM category in a contest organized by the Japan Advertisers Association, which recognizes advertising for the benefit they offer to consumers. The film also won the "Galaxy Honors" awards under the TVCM category at last year's Galaxy Awards organized by the Japan Council for Better Radio and Television in Japan.

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