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SNS Initiatives
Vol 7: India

Panasonic's 'Celebration for Life' Festive Campaign in India

Dec 04, 2012

India is a country known for its festivals and the spirit of celebration that spreads across the nation. This year's festive season was no exception and families planning their celebrations could be seen at market places where a buzz of excitement and an air of cheer

Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a community that actively involves its consumers. This SNS Initiatives series brings you around the world and focuses on local initiatives around the world by Panasonic.

  • 01-201211DiwaliCam.JPG
    Ms. Dia Mirza and Panasonic Officials Gather to Announce the Festive Campaign
  • 04-201211DiwaliCam.jpg
    Promotional Posters for the Campaign

Panasonic India celebrated big during this festive season rolling out its nationwide 'Celebrations for Life' campaign with a range of special offers and schemes for its consumers in India from October until November 18, 2012. These offers were announced on October 1st to the public in presence of Panasonic's Eco brand ambassador Dia Mirza in New Delhi, promising assured gifts for consumers looking for new purchases to commemorate the spirit of festivity.

  • 05-201211DiwaliCam.JPG
  • 06-201211DiwaliCam.JPG

VIERA TVs Lined Up During the Festive Promotion for Customers to Test and Feel

Panasonic understands the Indian market and is aware that bringing in new products during the festive season is considered auspicious. That is why to celebrate the occasion, Panasonic's 'Celebration for Life' campaign promised exciting offers and gifts on the purchase of each Panasonic product. Of course, as an internet-savvy country, Panasonic India also brought their festivities online through Facebook and Twitter, calling on their fans to participate in Panasonic's celebration online and offline.

As a result of this, Panasonic India recently celebrated a landmark reaching over 1 million fans on its Facebook page.

  • 03-201211DiwaliCam.jpg
    Official photo of 1 million fans

Panasonic India's Facebook page was established on June 2010 and has been used to engage fans at a personal level with its various online campaigns and also to demonstrate how Panasonic's ideas for life are really about giving consumers a better experience at every step. In addition, its eco ideas online campaigns call out to its fans to join Panasonic's commitment to an eco revolution.

As in every part of India, festivals can easily be associated with merriment and Panasonic made sure to be part of everyone's celebrations through exciting offers and products, as well as a personalized online experience. We hope you also took part in the joys of the Indian festival season and be sure to join in the conversation with Panasonic India online if you haven't done so already!

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