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Reads from the Week: OCTOBER6 - 12

Oct 31, 2012

Hello Everyone, Today's"inBrief"shows you topics from Poland, the UK, Asia, and India. You will witness different kinds of beauties, interesting appliances, and our supports for kids and young dreamers.

From Poland
Developing Eco-Conscious Minds with Eco Picture Diary Contest

"Eco-Learning" program is back in Poland for the third time. In the program, kids can learn what it means to be eco-friendly and protect our environment. We also hold Eco Picture Diary Contest. Schools can submit kids' eco diaries and the winning school will receive the prize which will be used for its environmental activities.

  • ib121026_poland.jpg

Oct 11, 2012
-Source: Panasonic Poland
-Source: Kids School Website | Panasonic Poland


From the UK
Newly Designed Small Kitchen Appliances

  • ib121026_uk.jpg
Our newly-designed small kitchen appliances must've caught your eyes. These new appliances would set a new benchmark for unique interior style. To celebrate the launch, they were exhibited at the Kitchen Culture exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The YouTube video will give you a tour of the exhibition.


Oct 9, 2012
-Source: Panasonic UK


From Asia & Oceania
Videos of "Beauty Secrets" with Our Products

Panasonic Beauty's campaign "Beauty of Empowerment" shows the videos of "Beauty Secrets." Two of secrets were already unveiled and two more are coming up soon. Visit the site and rediscover your beauty.

  • ib121026_beauty.jpg

Oct 9, 2012
-Source: Panasonic Beauty
-YouTube Links:
1.STYLING MADE EASY - Curls and Straight Styles For Long Hair
2.STYLING MADE EASY - DIY Leave-in Hair Conditioner & Styles For Short Hair


From the UK
Pro-Photographers Challenge Shooting Away from Their Comfort Zones

Three professional photographers from the UK, France, and Germany were sent to locations and environments totally unknown to them. The campaign "Changing Playgrounds" was meant to test their own ability out of their comfort zones and also our revolutionary LUMIX G5 camera. Check their amazing works on our website.

Oct 8, 2012
-Source: LUMIX G5 Showcase|Panasonic UK
-Source: Changing Playgrounds|Panasonic UK
-YouTube Links
1. Mel's Journey
2. Christian's Journey
3. Andy's Journey


From India
Panasonic's Scholarship Program 2013 for Talented Students

  • ib121026_india.jpg
Dreamers and young talents have an opportunity to study abroad. Panasonic's scholarship program provides financial aid to talented students wishing to pursue higher studies. For 2013, only four students were chosen from a total of 6186 applicants. These four students will surely become experts and promote mutual friendship between Japan and India.


Oct 8, 2012
-Source: Panasonic India Newsroom


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