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SNS Initiatives
Vol.4B: Brazil

Neymar is Coming to Town?! - 2

Dec 22, 2011

For two weeks in December 2011 (December 8-18), champion clubs from six continental confederations competed in Japan for one winning title. In this world famous football tournament, top class athletes from around the world took on head to head competition with what may be said as 'the best of the best.' As they dazzled football fans around the world, one guy especially drew attention from both media and fans.... Neymar da Silva Santos Junior from Brazil's Santos FC turned heads around the world with his charm and talent on the field. Surprisingly, he also extends his charm as Panasonic's brand ambassador and we can only say so much for what a great job he does!

In August, we introduced Neymar's activities for Panasonic including the various campaigns happening on YouTube etc. (Remember to check that out too!)

In July, Neymar's twin, Neymar Doll appeared at Panasonic's showroom and special kiosks in Brazil, initiating a whirlwind buzz around town. With the nickname "NEYMARIZINHO," or the next-door neighbour Neymar, this twin doll popped up around town waiting for fans to snap his picture and share where you spotted him in the "Desafio do Neymar" photo sharing contest.

And fans were amazed at the high-quality of the doll noting how it seemed like they were seeing the real Neymar. Kisses, hugs and of course secret messages directed only for Neymar were shared... But the next thing they knew, Neymar interrupted!!! Imagine the surprise among the fans!

That's just one scenario of Panasonic's "NeyTrap" Video Campaign that happened at the end of August this year on Panasonic Brazil's Channel on YouTube. (Panasonic News Portal's Channel also) When the Neymar doll doubled into the real Neymar, fans and even regular bystanders were overwhelmed with surprise. And not surprisingly, everyone rushed to take pictures with him... on their LUMIX camera of course!

With campaigns like this, LUMIX commercials with Neymar's appearance viewership skyrocketed online and many consumers began to see the connection of Neymar with the Panasonic brand. Of course, besides surprising fans in campaigns, Neymar's talent was also one of the main features in our commercials! Check out his amazing footwork and talent in this commercial.

As we said, Neymar is always doing his part as our brand ambassador. At Neymar's official homepage, Facebook and twitter accounts, he's always introducing his role as our brand ambassador so remember to check it out. We hope that now with his growing international image, fans outside of Brazil will also keep your eyes on this amazing talent and also stay tuned for his collaborations with us!

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