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The World Solar Challenge 2011
Chapter 11 &12

DAY 1 and 2

Oct 19, 2011

The main race of the World Solar Challenge 2011 has been started at the morning on October 16. Here is the 2 latest video report of the race for DAY 1 and DAY 2. Tokai Challenger2 sponsored by Panasonic started as #5 based on the results of the qualifying. What happens in the race?

Panasonic is supporting the Tokai University team's participation in the 2011 World Solar Challenge to be held from October 16-23, 2011. We are going to report by video continuously every week on Tokai University's race towards the finish line. Stay tuned!

We are happy to introduce the Panasonic's report of the main race of the World Solar Challenge 2011! The race starts around 8:00am every morning and finish running at 5:00pm every evening. If there were no Hotels near the place where the team arrived at the time 5:00pm, they have to spend over night there. The race needs all crew's "tough" physically and mentally.

Moreover, the car also needs toughest. While driving, the car keep challenging a fever. Heat affects the power generation efficiency of solar panels. However, Panasonic HIT Solar panels have resistant to heat. HIT would be able to exert its power for the Tokai Challenger2, or not?!

Chapter 11: DAY 1 - From Start-line at Darwin to Second Control Point, Dunmarra

Chapter 11 shows you scenes of the race from the start line at Darwin to the second control point at Dunmarra via the first control point at Katherine. And, do not miss additional interesting scene of charging and storing for the energy of the car!

Chapter 12: DAY 2 - Before Alice Springs, Fourth Control Point

Chapter 12 goes DAY 2 of the main race of the World Solar Challenge from the point where they arrived at by 5pm on DAY 1. Tokai University Solar Car Team maintains #1 even though they were #5 at the qualifying. Find out how fast the Tokai Challenger2 is.Unfortunately, something happened in DAY 2 after they leave for the fourth control point Alice Spring.......See the truth in this video.

Here is a link to the satellite map presented by the World Solar Challenge 2011. See where the cars are now.

To be continued...! (by Satoe)

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