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SNS Initiatives
Vol.4A: Brazil

Neymar is Coming to Town?!

Aug 16, 2011

As we reported in the Feature Story on Nov 25, 2010, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has powered up Panasonic's initiatives! Vol.4 of the SNS Initiatives series guides you to Brazilian's experience.

Can you believe you could meet Neymar? And if you do, you can also take a picture with him!? But why is Neymar wandering the streets of Brazil? Let's find out!

Last year on April 29, Panasonic appointed Neymar as its eco ambassador at the Estadio do Pacaembu football stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At that time, he appeared at the event alongside the children of Panasonic do Brasil Limitada employees and commented, "I'm very happy to associate my image with Panasonic, one of the largest technology companies in the world, and a company who has prioritized the protection of the environment. I'll be a spokesperson for environmental initiatives for my generation, something which certainly can and should change the world we live in."

  • 01_neymar_ecoad.jpg
    An Advertisement of Neymar in the Campaign Titled"Cultivating the Future for the New Generation"
  • See a Scene of Neymar Playing Soccer with Children

Since Neymar's words of commitment, his image has helped to promote Panasonic products such as VIERA, LUMIX and also deliver Panasonic's eco messages.

Neymar Doll Photo Campaign

Especially from July 2011, customers can participate in an interesting campaign by taking photos with Neymar at Panasonic's showroom and special kiosks (event area) in cities such as Sao Paulo, Manaus, etc. Neymar, however is in fact, a replica doll made to look exactly like the real person, one that could seemingly jump alive at any moment. Many people were so surprised by the authenticity, as you can check from the below video titled "Making of Neymar Doll."

  • Making of Neymar Doll!

In addition to just creating the Neymar doll, Panasonic also initiated a Neymar doll naming campaign online and finally Neymar himself chose the name of "NEYMARZINHO." And now, to further gather Brazilians to be part of the event, a photo contest has been held at the following special website . So if you meet "NEYMARIZINHO", take a nice picture, send it to us online via the website and vote on your favorite photos via Facebook by "liking" it.

  • 03_neymar_doll.jpg
  • 04_neymar_doll.jpg

People Enjoy Meeting with the Neymar Doll at the Showroom and Shopping Centers in Brazil

For more information about Neymar's collaboration with Panasonic, see some videos from our playlist on YouTube.

"NeyTrap" Video Campaign

After the photo contest comes to a finish at the end of August 2011, special videos will be available on Panasonic Brazil's Channel on YouTube. (Panasonic News Portal's Channel also available.) The videos will show you wonderful scenes of the moment customers met Neymar Doll at downtown.

Be sure to stay tuned for this series as we will continue to report on the "Neymar" activities!
(by Satoe)

  • Making of "Neytrap" Commercial Film

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