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Panasonic Together for Japan


Jun 27, 2011

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the Panasonic Group has been actively working to support the swift recover of the people and areas affected. This series introduces you to some activities that Panasonic and its employees are doing "together for Japan."

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the Panasonic Group has been actively working to support the swift recover of the people and areas affected. For example, as previously reported, the company has announced:

  • Monetary support of 300 million yen, 10,000 radios, 10,000 flashlights and 500,000 dry batteries on March 12, one day after the earthquake
  • Donation of 4,000 units of Solar LED Lanterns for areas suffering power outages on March 15
  • Support of one unit of the Life Innovation Container on March 29
  • Donation of an additional 40,000 units of flashlights on March 31
  • Announcement of an additional 400 million yen, including donations from the Group's affiliated companies overseas and 100 million yen from Panasonic Group Workers Union Association on April 27

However, Panasonic's activities to help recovery in North East Japan did not end there. The AVC Networks Company responsible for the Panasonic's famous rugged laptop PCs recently established a "TOUGHBOOK Program" to support the areas affected by the disaster. By lending the laptop computers to NGOs and NPOs working in the disaster areas of the earthquake, Panasonic's IT Products Business Unit located in Kobe, hopes to return the favor for the support it received from across the nation when the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 struck Kobe and nearby cities.

In this case, twenty TOUGHBOOK CF-19 units that can be used in outdoor environments and roughly 900 Let's note CF-T5 units will be lent to devastated areas.

  • Three-Year Lease Terminated Laptops Being Restored

In addition to renting out laptops, the IT Products Business Unit is also providing consultation services regarding how to use personal computers and repair services and supports disaster relief activities making Toughbook live up to its name as one of the most rugged laptop computers.

Since mid-April, Panasonic laptop PCs have been progressively delivered to organizations supporting the afflicted areas through intermediaries such as Japan Platform and Kansai NGO Council. As of May 2011, approximately 300 units are being used.
These personal computers on loan are being used in a wide variety of situations, including volunteer coordination proceedings in the city of Tono, Iwate Prefecture, communications between the disaster areas and NGO/NPO headquarters when supplying relief goods, and frontline activities for protecting and psychologically supporting children and juveniles.

Message from Panasonic in Kobe to the Disaster Areas

  • 02-Toughbook.png
    Words of Encouragement

At the Kobe Plant, laptop PCs to be sent were refurbished and cleaned prior to delivery. Each laptop was also affixed with a sticker saying "Let's Strive Forward Together for Japan!" and handwritten messages of encouragement by the staff at the Kobe Plant were packaged together with the products.

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