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SNS Initiatives
Vol.3: Taiwan

Panasonic Beauty with Facebook Fans in Taiwan

Apr 18, 2011

This time we take you around the other side of the world to Taiwan, where we introduce Panasonic Taiwan's Panasonic Beauty campaign and how they are reaching out to the younger Taiwanese generation.

Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a community that actively involves its consumers. This SNS Initiatives series brings you around the world and focuses on local initiatives around the world by Panasonic.

Panasonic Taiwan is using Facebook to promote products under their Beauty Line for hair care, facial care, oral care, massage sofa, men's shavers etc. under the translated slogan: "Turning Busy People into Beautiful People."

Women in Taiwan are extremely busy as they devote themselves to both work and household chores. And especially because they are so busy, they want to be beautiful without having to take time over it. Panasonic has therefore presented a series of products to meet these Taiwanese Beauties demands.

Panasonic Beauty TW Fanpage Events

The Panasonic Beauty TW page on Facebook introduces related products and events, and tells fans how they can join the fan club. Recently, fan club members were given an exclusive opportunity to test out the Pocket Doltz, a stylish electric toothbrush that looks like a makeup accessory. A total of over 3,900 fans applied to take part in the event.

Meanwhile, a new Panasonic Beauty product launch was held in Taipei on March 30, 2011. Among the succession of products to be introduced were the nanoe Series items like hairdryers and steamers, and other beauty-related products such as shavers and electric toothbrushes. (nanoe are molecules created from nano-technology and electricity and is proven by Panasonic studies to gather water molecules and provide a moist environment 1000 times more than minus-ion molecules)

A total of sixteen lucky fan club members who had applied through Facebook were invited to take part in the event and test out the products for themselves. These participants impressions were overwhelmingly positive with comments such as, "How cute! How useful!" "My hair is so moist!" "It's so easy to stay looking beautiful!" "I'm going to give this to my mum for Mother's Day!"

  • Panasonic Beauty Television Commercial in Taiwan

In addition to being able to see and test the new products, a special a video message from Japanese actress Yukie Nakama, who stars in the Panasonic Beauty commercials in both Japan and Taiwan was also presented to the audience.
Related television commercials can be viewed on the YouTube page of Panasonic Taiwan.

To all the Taiwanese beauties out there, why not access Panasonic Beauty TW and see how we can help our beauty products can help you become more beautiful too?

The Panasonic Beauty Campaign will be expanding throughout various countries so be sure to check our news portal for more exciting feature stories on Panasonic's activities!

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