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SNS Initiatives
Vol.1: North America

Panasonic North America Facebook

Jan 03, 2011

Since Facebook originated from United States, it is not surprising Panasonic North America has been active on the platform to reach out to our fans. The first volume of this series brings you to United States where we report about their initiatives in preparation for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES2011).

Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a community that actively involves its consumers. This SNS Initiatives series brings you around the world and focuses on local initiatives around the world by Panasonic.

Our brand slogan 'Panasonic ideas for life' represents the corporate attitude of the Panasonic Group aiming to continually offer valuable ideas for the enrichment of people's lives by listening and taking the ideas from life and a sustainable society through product development, production, sales and services.

Online Marketing Efforts in the U.S.

In the U.S., the birthplace of social media, Panasonic operates around 20 social media accounts such as twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Among them, Panasonic Facebook page has been successfully attracting online communities and resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Since Panasonic on facebook opened in October,2009, it has been offering many ways of use in online promotion and customer engagement. When Full HD 3D plasma TVs launched in 2010, the wall was used to engage users in conversations. The weekly editorial posts invited the customers to experience unprecedented immersive 3D world and frequent questions & answers and unfold discussions were taken there and instantly comments posted on the wall exceeded a few hundred in a day.

The "Fans Only" Tab offers valuable information exclusive to the Facebook fans such as highlights of key products and promotions at the right time and engages in the related sites and other social-networking sites.

In addition, a customer support tab for LUMIX has been added to answer for inquiries from the customers swiftly.

Toward CES2011

CES 2011 will be held from January 5, 2011 in Las Vegas. The world's attention will be focused on the press conference on January 5 and Panasonic Booth from January 6 to 9 will be delivered on Facebook, Twitter(@PanasonicEvents), Living in HD (The community for HD products), and other social medias.

Stay tuned the Panasonic North America on Facebook and related accounts! Join the conversation!

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