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SNS Initiatives
Vol.2A: Indonesia

Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Facebook

Feb 22, 2011

Indonesia is home to one of largest population of Facebook users. Realizing such trends, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) has been active online to reach out the younger Indonesian.

Panasonic has been continually striving to enhance online customer engagement by creating a community that actively involves its consumers. This SNS Initiatives series brings you around the world and focuses on local initiatives around the world by Panasonic.

In vol. 1 of our SNS initiatives report, we brought you to North America to talk about their initiatives especially in preparing for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011). This time we take you around the other side of the world to Indonesia where we introduce Panasonic Gobel Indonesia's (PGI) Zoom in beauty campaign and how they are reaching out to the younger Indonesian generation.

  • 01-ZIB_s.jpg
    Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Facebook

Zooming in to PGI's Beauty Campaign

  • 02-ZIB_s.jpg
    Visitors can vote for the favourite candidate

Panasonic Gobel Indonesia held a five month campaign dedicated to discovering talent among the younger female generation in Indonesia through their Zoom in Beauty Contest.

Using Facebook as the medium for the contest, PGI's fanpage was able to explore direct communication with target consumers for its LUMIX cameras and Kurukuru hair curling irons.

After initiating the contest in September, 2010, the fanpage received an overwhelming 1491 registered contestants. This number was than narrowed down in several stages based not only by style but also wisdom, talent, creativity,and ability to express themselves through the use of Panasonic products in self-portraits and videos. (See their videos at PGI's homepage)

During these various stages, fans of the PGI Facebook page were invited to be directly involved by voting on their favourite canditates as well as freely discussing and asking questions about the Panasonic products associated with the contest. This successful use of SNS has helped PGI engage and promote Panasonic to the younger Indonesian generation.

On February 11, 2011, the contest was taken to its finale and three finalists were chosen as the winners, after careful consideration from professional model Sigi Wimala and professional photographer and founder of Jerry Aurum Design Company and Photography, Jerry Aurum as well as Santi Turino from PGI.

  • 04-ZIB_s.JPG
    Winners with contest judges and PGI President Ichiro Suganuma
  • 03-ZIB_s.jpg
    Indah, Monica and Christine welcomed as the winners of the contest on Facebook

Activities Awaiting the Top Winners

The Zoom in Beauty contest has come to an end but the talented three winners Indah, Monica and Christine have only just started to make use of their talent. These three will travel to Japan to visit Panasonic's different factories and showrooms to learn about the history and innovation behind the company and talk about their views on their findings while there. Stay tuned for their videos and reports on PGI's Facebook page, as well as their guest appearance at one of the biggest annual Panasonic Gobel Awards event in Indonesia!

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