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Sarah Brightman and Dia Mirza Teams up with Panasonic to Promote 'ideas for life'

Oct 29, 2010

Our brand slogan 'Panasonic ideas for life' represents the corporate attitude of the Panasonic Group aiming to continually offer valuable ideas for the enrichment of people's lives and a sustainable society through product development, production, sales and services. Panasonic has announced exciting partnerships with celebrities to promote 'ideas for life' globally.

This article features two of these celebrities: Sarah Brightman, a world-famous diva and Dia Mirza, a Bollywood actress.

Sarah Brightman

  • 20101028 Sara Small_s.jpg
    Sarah Brightman with President Fumio Ohtsubo at Panasonic Olympic Pavilion of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games

In February 2010, Panasonic released the song "Shall Be Done" performed by Sarah Brightman at Panasonic's Olympic Pavilion at LiveCity Yaletown, the official celebration site of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. The powerful lyrics of the song express Panasonic's vision for the next generation as well as Sarah's vision, infusing the spirit of 'ideas for life' of contribution for a sustainable society. This song has been used in a wide range of global promotional activities including stores, advertising, exhibitions and other events.

Sarah Brightman (official website), the world-famous diva has distinguished herself as the world's best selling soprano over the past three decades, with the worldwide sales of more than 26 million albums and over two million DVDs and more than 150 gold and platinum awards in 34 countries. She has been known for fusing musical genres such as pop, musicals and classical music.

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Dia Mirza

  • 20101028 Mirza_s.jpg
    Dia Mirza, brand ambassador for Panasonic's green activities in India

Another female celebrity to promote 'ideas for life' is Dia Mirza from India, one of the targeted emerging markets. Panasonic has teamed up with the Bollywood movie industry, one of the biggest entertainments in India to support creating 3D movies by offering its Full HD 3D End-to-End Solutions.
Dia Mirza, the top Bollywood actress has started representing Panasonic as our brand ambassador for Panasonic's green activities since April 15, 2010. Since then, she has conveyed Panasonic's environmental initiatives at press events and commercial appearances in India.

  • 20101028mirza forum_s.jpg
    Opening ceremony of Earth Lunch Hour at 'eco ideas' Forum

Her engagement has included the regional promotional activities as well as global ones. At Panasonic's 'eco ideas' Forum held in Tokyo on October 6, she talked about Panasonic's environmental initiatives in India and expressed her joy to be chosen as the role to educate and improve the eco awareness of people in India for sustainable community in the future.

A former model and Miss Asia Pacific, Dia Mirza (twitter) has been associated with the Bollywood industry for eight years. Her debut cinematic performance received a nomination for "Best Female Debut" at the Zee Cine Awards in India and so far she has been featured in 24 films. In addition to the eco awareness activities with Panasonic, she has been actively involved in social work with Cancer Patients Aid Association and Spastics Society of India.

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