February 2023 TOP 5 Engagement

Mar 15, 2023

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February 2023 TOP 5 Engagement

See how Panasonic is “marching” along with our Top 5 Posts from February!

Last month, we really focused on spreading joy and ideas for a sustainable future. Join us by catching a clip of our winning posts from #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic and a highlight of the IOC Youth Summit where IOC Young Leaders talked about their own projects.

We’ve also posted our Financial Results for the third quarter of FY2023 with an easy-to-understand infographic for anyone who wants to take a peek.

Finally, we went into detail on how we’re looking to change the world through innovative technology such as our hyperspectral imaging device with tech that can be used in all kinds of ways, from checking if food is spoiled to surveying marine plastics and soil contamination, and more. We also went into more detail on our exhibit at CES 2023 which walked guests through our commitment to using innovative technicologies to achieve a sustainable future through Panasonic GREEN IMPACT!

No. 1

#SpreadJoyWithPanasonic Special Video

– Posted on February 28, 2023


Just released a special movie composed of the winning posts of #SpreadJoyWithPanasonic Prize🎉

It is full of various kinds of happiness and joy, and we’re sure that watching this video will naturally bring a smile to your face😊

The music is “Lodestar,” created and sung by Panasonic Group employees🎤



No. 2

IOC Young Leaders – Youth Summit

– Posted on February 6, 2023

Do you know what happens when all IOC Young Leaders get together? Fun, that’s for sure! Check out the highlight of the IOC Youth Summit in Switzerland where the IOC Young leaders had a great time working on their individual project and discussed about the way to make a better world through sport.   

Panasonic is a Proud Partner of the IOC Young Leaders Programme.

Check out the full version of the video.

Source: https://youtu.be/GOrYajWLkmE

No. 3

Q3 FY2023 Financial Infographic

– Posted on February 17, 2023

Panasonic Group announced its financial results for the third quarter of FY2023 on February 2. This fact sheet provides an overview of the results in an easy-to-understand infographic-format.

For more detailed information, please check the following.

Source: https://news.panasonic.com/global/stories/13839

No. 4

Hyperspectral Sensing Technology

– Posted on February 17, 2023

Panasonic has developed the world’s highest-sensitivity hyperspectral imaging device.

Traditional hyperspectral imaging technology requires bulky and often fragile optical equipment including prisms and filters which can be temperamental outside a lab setting. Panasonic’s researchers applied cutting edge signal processing technology to overcome this hurdle and develop a hyperspectral imaging system that can be used in real-world scenarios like a conventional camera.

The applications of this technology are exciting and varied and include quickly detecting food product that is spoiled, the survey of marine plastics, and identifying soil contamination.

“I’m eager to see the technologies we have developed being released in products,” said Atsushi Ishikawa, Panasonic Applied Materials Technology Center head. “Compared to conventional spectroscopy and hyperspectral technology used in labs, our technology works in low light and is easy to use. By that time, AI technology will have become widespread, and it would be good if it becomes a technology that improves people’s lives.”

Read more about how Panasonic continues to innovate and evolve to make our lives better, please check the following.

Source: https://news.panasonic.com/global/stories/13823

No. 5

CES Summary – Sustainability

– Posted on February 3, 2023

At CES2023, Panasonic’s exhibition space underlined its commitment to using innovative technologies to help address CO2 emissions and achieve a sustainable future.

The CES 2023 space was designed not simply to showcase R&D, but to demonstrate how even modest new products and solutions play a role in ensuring the wellbeing of people and society in a carbon free future.

Guiding visitors through four areas—park, town, mobility, and home—the exhibit simulated a smart, ecological world. An interactive online tour, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Experience, complemented the physical booth and delivered a vision of a sustainable future.

From a hydrogen powered factory to energy efficient consumer products to electric mobility, visitors were able to explore the technologies and solutions Panasonic has developed to support this vision in an interactive, game-like setting.

Learn more, please check the following.

Source: https://news.panasonic.com/global/stories/13790

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