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NAB Show 2015

Apr 13-16, 2015 @ Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Expert Live

Introducing #PanasonicNAB 2015
  • nab2015_4Kdisplays_thum.jpg
    AV Technologies for Broadcast and Beyond #PanasonicNAB

    Large format 4K 98' and 84' displays. Ultra narrow bezel video wall (broadcast sets). 12,000 lumen laser projector - large venue product. Digital link technology - use CAT5 or CAT6 cable to connect panel to video sources.

  • nab2015_varicam_thum.jpg
    Panasonic VARICAMs: From 4K to High Speed #NAB2015

    Details on VARICAM 35, VARICAm HS and ISO5000. Discussion of feature sets and applications.

  • nab2015_4K_thum.jpg
    Panasonic is 4K #NAB2015

    Panasonic offers....4K Cameras, 4K Workflow, 4K Display.

  • nab2015_IPstreaming_thum.jpg
    Breaking News Just Got Better with IP Streaming #PanasonicNAB

    IP video (remote news, field production, sports); will include P2 Cast cloud discussion and wireless capabilities.

  • nab2015_GH4_thum.jpg
    LUMIX GH4 Goes to Hollywood #PanasonicNAB

    Panasonic LUMIX GH4 goes Hollywood with new anamorphic mode. Lumix firmware update to GH4 offering animorphic control.

  • nab2015_LEDboard_thum.jpg
    LED Display Ready for a Close-up #PanasonicNAB

    Large video wall product with small pixel pitch, utilized in broadcast studios, office spaces, arenas. Potentially discuss Panasonic Experiences.

  • nab2015_sizzle_thum.jpg
    Booth Overview / Sizzle Reel #PanasonicNAB 2015

    Overview segment featuring footage from all videos and other footage shot throughout the booth.

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