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EVOLTA Triathlon World Challenge IV

Oct 23, 2011 Hawaii


Videos/B-rolls(Click and download)

Photos(Right-click on a link and save image as...)

Mr. Takahashi and EVOLTA Robots

The Opening Ceremony

EVOLTA Challenge has Begun

EVOLTA Swim Robot

EVOLTA Swim Robot is Swimming with the Staffs

EVOLTA Bike Robot(Front view)

EVOLTA Bike Robot(Side view)

EVOLTA Bike Robot(Side view2)

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel Cheers EVOLTA with an Aide Station like a Real Triathlon

EVOLTA Run Robot with Mr. Takahashi

EVOLTA Robot Meets a Triathlete

EVOLTA Run Robot Attracts a Lot of People in Hawaii

EVOLTA Run Robot

EVOLTA Robot has made it to the Finish Line

EVOLTA Robot is about to Reach the Goal

EVOLTA Robot with Hawaians Lei

EVOLTA Bike Robot(Backside view)

EVOLTA Run Robot at the Transit Station with Mr. Takahashi

EVOLTA Run Robot Follows the Infrared Sensor

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