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Panasonic at Milano Salone 2016 'KUKAN'

Date & Time: April 12-17, 2016 / 10:00-21:00 each day (Local time)
Address: via S. Carpoforo 9 - via Fiori Chiari 17/a, Milan, Italy


7Dimensions plan

Pursuing the concept of Japanese culture as a space, and building on its unique world perspective to become a new imagination of space

"7 Dimensions" is a combined audio and visual spatial installation created by seven pillars that consist of 140 monitors, and represents a unique fusion of space and video that cannot be experienced anywhere else. This production also offers an imagination of space that reveals itself as one meanders about the pillars, and is expressed differently for each person.
Yet undiscovered spaces are created by the seven pillars, which look completely different depending on the position or direction they are viewed from. Japan's unique perspective of coexistence with nature expresses a sense of beauty that has endured and been passed down from ancient times. This brings about an air of mystery among pillars that allows people to explore concepts of internal versus external, and how they are distinguished from, or connected to others.
7 Dimensions traces the history of space culture from ancient times to modern day to create a "space" that yields unlimited inspiration and leads to moments of invention of the space just beyond.


The visual motifs express a perspective of the world that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times. Expressions of Japan's unique sense of 'contrast' and 'boundary' unfold one by one, showing the history, nature, culture and art that continue even today. This yields unlimited inspiration, where a person can see how they are distiguished from, or connected to others.
Don't miss this opportunity to experience the yet undiscovered possibilities of spaces.

STORY photo
  • Shuichi Furumi

    Total Design & General ProduceShuichi Furumi[SD Associates, inc.]

    People can be more free. If homes change, people can live anywhere they want from the polar region, remote islands to mountaintops. This becomes possible with the invention of space brought to life by technological innovation. '7 Dimensions' creates an unknown, unexplored space. It will surprise you and fuel your imagination as you retrace the steps of Japanese culture.
  • Masao Ochiai

    Visual ImagesMasao Ochiai[Montage inc.]

    These pillars represent the boundaries between heaven and earth, here and there, ourselves and others. People begin to recognize the space in which they exist when they discover these boundaries, and get inspired to create new spaces after watching a sequence of these boundaries. This idea was the departure point for this installation.
A Better Life, A Better World

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