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Up-close View: The Power of the Frontline
Combining Information from Various Perspectives to Help
Employees and Society Live their Best:Eliana Hada

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We take an up-close and personal look at the people who are supporting the Panasonic Group’s growth at their own operational frontlines.


Marketing, Panasonic do Brasil

Hada joined Panasonic in 1993 and was put in charge of legal affairs and external relations in the administrative department. Later, she worked in the B2C, B2B, Energy, and Automotive sales departments. She currently works in the marketing department, where she is involved in business process improvements and expense management.

Being transferred to the sales department was the first turning point in my career. That’s because it allowed me to deepen my knowledge of how to build relationships with customers and contribute to their daily lives in an environment where the market and even the way of doing the job vary depending on the product you are in charge of. Later, after transferring to the marketing department, I learned a lot about planning and effective promotion techniques. In particular, I became keenly aware that information from our perspective alone is insufficient to complete my work. I have to combine information from all perspectives, including those of our dealers and our end customers.

One of the tasks I am currently focusing on is managing the department’s expenses. This is because improving the accuracy of expense management can help scrounge up funds to cover the costs of product development and production, hiring employees, and gaining recognition from stakeholders. Another priority measure is improving business processes. This, too, leads to more efficient use of time, reduced overtime, and improved quality of life for employees. I believe that these things help society and each of our employees live their best.

One of the most important things when working on business process improvements is to have good relationships with people inside the company. Making improvements while looking at the challenges together is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the task. It’s truly exciting to facilitate colleagues' work and help them achieve their goals. On the other hand, to accomplish this, it’s essential that you combine information from all perspectives, which was the challenge I first ran into in the marketing department. It’s also the most difficult thing to do. So I introduced a system that integrates all the information, including the problems and challenges faced by employees and progress on solutions, and allows access as needed to verify and analyze it. In the future, I will also work on improving my technical skills so that I can achieve functional advancements in terms of collecting and analyzing the necessary information and single-click output.

My Leisure Time

I like flowers, and I practice flower arrangement every week. This time spent surrounded by a variety of flowers in each season is refreshing, so it’s very important to me.


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